Best Kitchen Faucets in 2019 | Top Contenders of All Kinds

Whether it’s updating your kitchen or just building one from scratch, a faucet that works well and looks terrific is always the thing to go for.Depending on what you choose, you’ll get a different design, performance, ease of use, and overall experience. But with so many options out there, getting the ideal one may not be so easy.That’s why it’s always useful to search for the best kitchen faucets in the market. In this article, we bring them to you; faucets of all kinds, so you can have a wide array of choices to pick from.

If you are looking for a new faucet and want the highest-quality available – then going through this article will be your best idea.

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Kraus KPF-1640CH NolaKraus KPF-1640CH Nola Read Full Review Check Latest Price
Moen ArborMoen Arbor Read Full Review Check Latest Price
KOHLER K-596-CP SimpliceKOHLER K-596-CP Simplice Read Full Review Check Latest Price
Delta Faucet LelandDelta Faucet Leland Read Full Review Check Latest Price
Delta Faucet LelandDelta Faucet Leland Read Full Review Check Latest Price
Kraus KPF-1610SS BoldenKraus KPF-1610SS Bolden Read Full Review Check Latest Price
Moen 7294SRS ArborMoen 7294SRS Arbor Read Full Review Check Latest Price
Pfister Pfirst SeriesPfister Pfirst Series Read Full Review Check Latest Price

Here Are The Top-Rated Multiple Types Kitchen Faucet Choose Options

Types of Kitchen Faucets

Before going over the different models available, it’s important to know first what types of faucets you will encounter. Well, below are all kinds of kitchen faucets you will find in this article.


Maybe the most common of all kitchen faucets, the single-hole is usually a regular-sized product that just uses one hole in the countertop or sink. It needs little to no installation effort and only requires the turn of a handle or knob to open and be used.

The single-hole stands out for its simplicity without leaving behind convenience and attractive designs.


A single-handle – as its name says – works with only one handle. This handle or knob, whether it’s at the side, on top, or attached to the tube of the faucet, is the one that controls the whole water flow in the product.

A single-handle loses the advantage of temperature tweaking which double-handle faucets have. They still demand little effort to install and offer a pretty straightforward operation.


The touchless faucets are the ones that use sensors to open and close. This means you won’t have to necessarily turn the handle to use it. Most of them come with motion sensors that turn the faucet on with a single touch on any part of the faucet.

Others demand a specific movement above or over the faucet outlet, and that’s it. As a downside, they will need electricity to work correctly.


The most efficient and most pressure-oriented type in the list, the commercial faucets are the one that works really well in businesses and places where effectiveness is essential.

Many restaurants have this type of faucet alongside designs for pull-out and pull-down models and several tweaks for temperature & pressure.


When a faucet looks as a regular one but the main hose can be detached towards you, it means it is a pull-out faucet. It works really well as an extension, reaching different angles for different purposes.

These pull-out faucets have a hose that points up, which means you can reach places like the top of the sink rim that you can’t reach with other taps.


Similarly to a pull-out, this one has a detachable hose. However, this model comes with the hose pointing down. This means you will have the versatility the pull-out offers, but only towards the sink.

So the pull-down is an excellent choice for people who want a little more versatility but not too much so it can reach beyond the sink but not behind it.

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

As you know already, a touchless faucet is the one that demands no direct contact to the handle or knob to open.

But they can vary a lot depending on the model and brand. There are also many types of touchless sensors, and they differ exponentially in accuracy & kind.

To make it easy for you when it comes to picking the right product, we’ve reviewed three of the best choices out there below.

1. Moen Brantford

Moen Brantford Made of spot-resistant stainless steel, the beautifully looking Brantford touchless faucet from Moen will give you a fantastic performance & experience. With the excellent MotionSense feature, you will be able to enjoy outstanding results without having to touch the product. Just pass the hand close to the outlet, and it will immediately let water out.

The best part about it, however, is that it comes with a pull-down wand so you can achieve superior versatility when cleaning. This hose is also self-retracting with the Reflex system so you won’t have to worry about it going back to its default place.

When it comes to design, the faucet also achieves a beautiful style, with its spot-resistant stainless steel that makes it perfect for both modern and traditional kitchens. And the material works really well to prevent water spots and fingerprints getting permanent in it.

The spout is 15.50 inches high which is pretty useful for most kitchens, making it easy to reach below and use it comfortably. And with its 7.87-inches reach, you will clean many different wares without issues.

Let’s not forget about the outstandingly convenient Duralock Quick Connect system. This helps to improve overall installation time and secure the faucet tightly to the sink. Boasting a single-hole build, you won’t need more than just a few minutes to install it.

The only problem with this faucet is that you’ll need six AA batteries to make it work. But if you have them and don’t have a problem finding them each time they drain out, this won’t be a problem at all. So, you get a wholly convenient and beautiful faucet that won’t let you down.

  • Attractive Brantford design provides a traditional style that also fits modern kitchens
  • Very resistant & well-made spot-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Superb MotionSense feature allows you to use the faucet without having to touch it
  • Incredibly handy pull-down hose with Reflex system offers excellent versatility

  • Needs six AA batteries which can be a little inconvenient for some users

2. KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate

KOHLER K-72218-VS SensateFrees your hands completely from handling the faucet, the Kohler Sensate is one of the most stylish yet still very convenient in every way. With pull-down feature, a reliable motion sensor system, and top-notch design, there’s little to nothing about this faucet to dislike.

Cleaning with it is a total piece of cake and a pleasure using the excellent Response technology that provides a handless operation. You’ll just need to pass or wave your hand, utensil or cookware close to the sensor and it will immediately turn the faucet on or off accordingly.

This feature is one of the newest in the market, so it provides a more reliable and error-free performance than others.

The faucet will also shut off itself after a few seconds of no use. This helps you to preserve water and energy. Add the DockNetik docking system, and you’ll have a completely reliable product that will always stay together using magnetic force.

You also get exceptional versatility with the ProMotion ability, helping the faucet to move freely in a 360º degree. Made of braided nylon, this MasterClean Sprayface resists mineral buildup and works very flexible to offer a superb experience.

Another significant advantage of this faucet is that it uses no batteries to power up. Its motion technology works with AC, which means you’ll have a more efficient & convenient product overall. Add the LED light that alerts you when it is operating for increased convenience, and you’ll get a top-notch device.

It comes in either polished chrome or stainless steel, each one providing an astounding style for different kitchen options. And with its totally spotless and corrosion free construction, you’ll get a superb product in every way.

  • Reliable Response touchless system prevents errors and shuts off automatically
  • Hugely convenient MasterClean Sprayface with ProMotion feature for increased flexibility
  • Excellent DockNetik docking system offers superb construction with magnetic force
  • Uses AC power to prevent the use of batteries which makes it more convenient

  • May turn on and off automatically with steam and other akin factors

3. Delta Faucet Leland

3. Delta Faucet LelandApart from its touchless ability, the Delta Leland is one of the most reliable in the market. Working exceptionally well and providing a handy Touch2O touchless system, you won’t believe how this faucet can make you happy without issues.

One of the vital parts about this product is how it looks. Boasting a traditional style with modern technology, you will obtain a sleek-looking faucet that fits a wide array of kitchens. It is just timeless and works with many colors effortlessly.

It comes in Chrome, Venetian Bronze, SpotShield Stainless, and an Arctic Stainless finish so you can make it work with your kitchen accordingly. But its design mainly stands out for its high-arc spout.

Reaching up to 20 inches, this spot comes with a hugely convenient pull-down faucet attached with MagnaTite Docking system that uses magnetic force. However, it is the ShieldSpray Technology that provides either spray or stream water flow that makes this faucet so amazing.

Another useful part of this faucet is the Diamond Seal Technology. This makes it one of the most reliable options out there, as it reduces overall installation time and effort, while also decreasing leak points & water issues.

Capable of fitting either 3-hole or single-hole sinks, this excellent faucet from Delta is undoubtedly an option you don’t want to dismiss. Add the fantastic TouchClean technology that uses soft-rubber spray holes to prevent buildup, and you’ll get a completely safe, resilient, and durable product.

Overall, it will make your life better, and your kitchen looks superb.

  • Sleek yet traditional look comes in four different finishes for different kitchen styles
  • Reliable construction with MagnaTite Docking system & Diamond Seal Technology
  • Offers a flexible performance with ShieldSpray Technology and pull-down head
  • Completely durable build with excellent materials and TouchClean technology

  • Water handle or lever is slightly unreliable and could turn off and on by mistake

Things That Make the Perfect Touchless Kitchen Faucets

If you want to pick the good touchless kitchen faucet, it is critical to know which one is it. Here, we go over a few features that will tell whether it’s worth it or not.


The finish will give you the color, style, and overall looks of the product you are going to buy. A touchless faucet, despite being a little more technological than standard options, needs to fit your kitchen style or you may eventually have a product that looks weird.

Another important part about finishes is that touchless faucets come with either a Spot-Resistant or with a standard or special finish.

Spot-Resistant finishes tend to prevent fingerprints or hand spots to mark or appear in the product. It is an excellent finish feature to look for, but typically very expensive.

Other unique or standard finishes may only offer the chance to stand out or look better without other advantages.

Sensor Type & Accuracy

There are two main types of sensors out there; completely touchless sensors, and little touch sensors. As you may know, a completely touchless faucet will not need any touch at all, but only the wave/presence of your hand or object.

Other sensors may only need a slight touch in any part of the faucet without having to touch the lever or knob.

It is important, however, for the sensor to be accurate & responsive. Old sensors, for example, tend to be not as good and eventually have a very unreliable movement detection system. Newest sensors will be much more accurate and responsive.

Electric Power

Here, you need to pick whether you want a product that turns on with batteries (most of them use from 3 to 6 AA batteries) or a product that works with AC power.

We recommend those that turn heavily on with AC power, as it will be more convenient with time and much more reliable as well.

Docking Method

While not all touchless faucets have pull-down heads, the majority do. This means you will also have to consider the docking method of the spray-head.

Some faucets use magnetic systems to lead the head automatically to the spout, while others are manual which means you’ll have to do it yourself.

Of course, we recommend magnetic docking systems, but manual ones can be easier to use & more flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions

While these faucets are amazing, there’s nothing worse than getting one and then being disappointed. To prevent this disappointment, here we have some common questions related to the use & advantages of these kitchen products.

Q: Is a touchless faucet children-friendly?

Q: Well, they’re not really a bad option if you have children, but it is essential to know that while children like to play with things a lot, these faucets are not toys.

So, if you have small children, it’s better to keep them away from these faucets. Otherwise, look for a different model.

Q: What are touchless faucets better for?

A: These faucets work really well with people who prefer washing their dishes, pots, and utensils manually.

Thanks to their touchless feature, people with dirty or occupied hands won’t have to touch any handle to turn it ON. And with the pull-down feature most of these faucets have, you get even better results.

Q: Are touchless faucets pricier than other models?

A: Yes. This happens because they use a unique technology that prevents users from using their hands. And there’s no doubt, technologies cost money, specially extraordinarily complex ones like the touchless systems in these products.

But the price difference between touchless and standard faucets is not really that much and relies heavily on the brand & overall quality.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Most touchless faucets look, feel, and work similarly, yet not all are equally as good. For us, the Moen Brantford is undoubtedly the best option in this list.

With its spotless finish and amazing MotionSense technology, you will enjoy one of the most convenient yet resilient products out there. It will look exceptionally well in any kitchen and provide a top-notch experience in every way.

Best Kitchen Faucets for Hard Water

Hard-water faucets refer mostly to the models that work well with all types of water. They have unusual features that prevent build-up and contaminants to affect your kitchen experience. Below are the best options to consider in this category.

1. Kraus KPF-1630SS Nola

Kraus KPF-1630SS NolaCombining the handiness of a pull-down with the safe & healthy performance of a product that works with any kind of water, this faucet will come like an excellent choice for many people.

Looking really well too, the Kraus Nola is an option for those who want to enjoy a very responsive faucet with an attractive design and beautiful style without having to pay a fortune.

The thing that makes it capable of working with hard water is the excellent lead-free waterway construction and the easy-to-clean rubber nozzles. They prevent buildup and provide very safe operation, keeping contaminants away.

And when you add the stainless steel construction, you can be sure this faucet will never develop rust or corrode in a short time. An exciting part of this product is the Neoperl Aerator.

It will help you achieve excellent performance with low flow, which enables you to reduce water waste and still produces high pressure. Add the useful splash-free single-lever low control, and you’ll receive the most convenient lever for smooth operation in flow and temperature.

The water flow will be advantageous too, especially with the dual-function spray. It offers both spray and stream options, which alongside the pull-down head will make one of the most convenient options in the market.

To make it even better, it comes with a Sedal ceramic cartridge in the spray-head, which helps to provide a drip-free performance for many years.

Measuring 18-inches high and with a reach of 9-inches, this faucet will come very handy for different kitchens without problems. With its low price and overall high-quality build, this option won’t disappoint.

  • Handy design with pull-down head and dual-function spray in a large spout
  • Highly reliable build with anti-corrosion stainless steel body & Sedal ceramic cartridge
  • Provides superb performance with Neoperl Aerator and splash-free controls
  • Prevents contaminants buildup and lead with its excellent waterway

  • Spout movement tends to loosen connection and create a leak over time


2. KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice

KOHLER K-596-VS SimpliceOne of the most functional faucets in the market, the Simplice model from Kohler provides an exceptional touchless experience in every way.

Whether it is a convenience with its 3-function spray feature, easy installation with a pre-installed design, or superior versatility with the handy pull-down hose – this faucet offers all you could need.

With the high-quality ProMotion Technology, the hose head will move freely to any place you want at 360º degrees. Add the 3-function spray mode so you can Sweep Spray for the powerful stream, a Boost that delivers more flow of water, or pure stream for normal using.

And to make it even better, this hose comes with DockNetik which keeps it attached to the spout using a reliable magnetic system. All of this comes in one of the most beautiful designs out there. Totally edge-free and with seamless construction, it looks and feels astonishing for modern-style kitchens.

But it is not only how it looks, but how well it’s made that makes this faucet so amazing. Mainly for its spray-head coming with MasterClean feature that prevents buildup and keeps it clean for long.

Including the ceramic disc valves in the water control system, perfect to prevent leaks and provide a more durable product, and the corrosion & rust free finish – this faucet has no competitor. Even when it comes to installation, this faucet makes it entirely straightforward and effortless.

  • Top-notch construction with ceramic disc for durability & great finish for a rust free experience
  • Provides superb 3-function spray with very long & useful pull-down spout
  • Excellent design offers a stylish modern look that fits all kinds of kitchens
  • Stays clean for longer with a magnificent finish and MasterClean hose feature

  • A little problematic spray function switch button can be frustrating for some users


3. Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola

KrausKraus is one of the few brands that will provide premium-quality products for the most accessible prices available. And surely, the Nola faucet is not an exception. This magnificent product not only looks remarkable with a stainless steel or chrome finish but also provides the ideal handiness every tap should have.

Boasting a heavy-duty double-spring head, this pull-down model will help you reach different areas of your sink without problems. This also helps with cleaning different types of utensils and cookware, while providing astonishing control over where you want to aim the water.

The pull-down system is put together with the magnetic docking feature which helps to keep the spray-head attached to the spout. With these two modes of spraying, you get a Neoperl Aerator. It helps to reduce water use without letting the pressure down.

This will help you clean more efficiently and effectively. And when you add the single-lever design, you will achieve a totally splash-free experience making operation way easier & cleaner than without it.

Let’s not forget this faucet comes with an amazing build overall, using an all-metal design that prevents corrosion and rust exponentially. And with the fantastic soft rubber nozzles, cleaning will be a piece of cake. It also works with either one or three-hole sinks, yet it offers an entirely lead-free experience.

Add everything together, and you’ll surely get one of the best options out there, especially for its incredible price, that’s just unbeatable in this quality range.

  • Safe & durable all-metal construction with rubber nozzles to prevent corrosion, buildup & rust
  • Very useful Neoperl Aerator & single-lever design for a more consistent & efficient performance
  • Incredibly helpful double-function pull-down head with two spray modes
  • Excellent magnetic docking system keeps the pull-down nozzle attached to the spout

  • Pull-down spring neck construction can bend or kink if you don’t use it correctly


Things That Make the Perfect Kitchen Faucets for Hard water

Now that you’ve read some reviews about the top rated kitchen faucets for hard water, it’s time to learn how to pick the right one. Here, we go over several factors that will tell you which one of these hard-water faucets is the ideal option.


You shouldn’t pick a tap without looking at the material of its body, waterway, spout, and head. But when it comes to faucets for hard-water, this becomes even more important than anything else.

That’s why we recommend always going for the most reliable and most resilient material possible. But apart from the material, go for coatings or technologies that could increase the overall resistance or durability of the product.

Stainless steel, polished chrome, and brushed nickel tend to be really useful for this. However, it’s essential to have any kind of feature that prevents corrosion, rust, and contaminants buildup and eventually makes cleaning easy. Going for rubber spray heads, for example, is a great way to do this.


While the construction is noteworthy, the sealing method will tell you how useful the product will be throughout the years. You won’t like a faucet that works well, but eventually leaks or lets contaminated water reach the sink.

For that, check the mechanism of each sink correctly before buying. Make sure the sealing is good enough to make the product reliable. Especially in the waterway, the sealing system will tell the difference between a bad and a good product.

Cartridge or Filter

Whether it is a cartridge in the spout head or a built-in filtration system, any faucet for hard-water that comes with one of them will be a better choice than others. They will prevent most contaminants and corrosive particles to reach the head, which eventually translates into cleaner and safer water delivery.

This also makes it more convenient, as you won’t have to buy additional filters which can be pretty heavy & challenging to install. Another advantage of cartridges and filters is the ability to make water drinkable or portable enough to use on the skin, so you can eventually have more applications for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you should know by now, picking the right faucet for hard water will not be easy. With so many models and so many features to consider, you may eventually have many doubts in your head.

Luckily for you, here are a few questions most users have with their respective answer, so you can pick with more confidence.

Q: Can I use my old drain and inlet pipes with a faucet for hard water?

A: Yes, in most cases, it wouldn’t do any harm to use old drain or inlet pipes. However, if the pipes are visible and you want an entirely lead-free experience, we recommend replacing the pipes for the same materials as the faucet to match the finish & reduce contaminants.

Q: How should I clean the faucet for hard water?

A: We recommend cleaning these faucets with a soft cloth damped in soapy water. Never use products that contain bleach, ammonia, organic solvents, or any harsh or abrasive chemical that could harm the finish of the product.

Q: Can I add a filtration system to my hard-water faucet?

A: While you can connect them to the faucet, we recommend not doing it. A filtration system tends to produce harsh pressure fluctuations in the pipes.

This could eventually damage the hose or spout of the faucet, mainly if it is a pull-down or pull-out model.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

A faucet for hard-water comes in many models & designs depending on the brand and overall features. This means some of them are better than the others, and this time, we think the Kohler Artifacts is the ideal one for most people.

With the most versatile design, impressive corrosion and mineral-free performance, and a thoroughly reliable build – this model won’t let you down. Go for it if you can afford it.


Best Moen Kitchen Faucets

Moen is one of the most prestigious brands in the market, and all this prestige is translated into a series of high-quality models for both the budget user and the most demanding customer.

Finding the best models yourself can be a problem, so we decided to bring three and review them. Take a look to find out more about them!

1. Moen Arbor (Touchless)

Moen ArborWant a touchless Moen faucet? The Arbor is probably the best option you will find. With a convenient operation and the ability to provide excellent water flow, this faucet will not disappoint anyone. Even the most demanding users will find it a great choice, especially for its ease of installation, flexible design and very efficient performance.

First, let’s just say this is one of the few touchless models that come with a two-sensor system. This MotionSense feature helps users to operate the faucet without touching anything. One sensor is at the top and one in the base, providing superb accuracy that prevents the use of dirty hands in the product.

Another great ability is the pull-down wand, which not only promotes more versatility when using with its 68-inches long hose but incredible reliability with the Reflex system that keeps the wand hooked up.

Add the useful double-spray system, and you’ll get the chance to rinse with an aerated stream or a powerful rinse according to your needs.

This spray also comes with Power Clean technology. This means you can use 50% more water to provide a powerful rinse, which is way stronger than most faucets out there. The technology also reduces splashes and helps to clean objects more effectively.

The amazing installation of this faucet with the Duralock quick-connect feature saves time and effort. Especially when you consider the 1 or 3-hole compatibility, so you can install it in more sinks. With the spot-resistance stainless finish, you’ll receive a fantastic product that prevents unwanted finger marks and corrosion.

  • Useful long pull-down wand with Reflex system provides excellent versatility
  • Convenient Power Clean technology helps to clean effectively & prevent disasters
  • Totally reliable stainless steel build with Duralock installation system for convenience
  • Incredibly accurate & reliable MotionSense touchless feature with two sensors

  • Low flow doesn’t provide as much water pressure as expected


2. Moen Arbor (Standard)

Moen ArborThe Arbor is undoubtedly a model that looks well on any kitchen. Whether it is the stainless steel version, the bronze style, chrome or in matte black design – you will surely find an ideal option in this model.

Coming with a 15.50 inches high spout and a very interesting 68-inches pull-down wand, this faucet doesn’t let you down. Let’s not forget it also comes with a Spot-Resist stainless finish, which not only helps to prevent fingerprints marks but also reduces overall corrosion & rust while preventing buildup.

But it is not how it looks that makes it so amazing, but the incredible performance it offers. This faucet comes with a Power Clean spray technology which provides 50% more water power than other models from Moen.

When you use this boost, cleaning dishes and cookware will be a piece of cake making the elimination of buildup or stuck food easy.

The spot it comes with is another excellent addition. With the 68-inches pull-down wand, you’ll receive top-notch flexibility so you can reach different places in the sink and above it. Whether it is for cleaning sturdy objects or to clean the countertop, this faucet won’t disappoint.

Add the useful Reflex system that puts the hose in its place automatically, and you get a very convenient feature. For installation, you won’t have to spend much of your time or effort.

Boasting the Duralock quick-connect system, you’ll install the faucet in a matter of minutes without issues. And with the versatile design that fits in either 1-hole or 3-hole sinks, this faucet is a perfect option for anyone.

  • Beautiful Arbor design with different finishes provides a more stylish product
  • Very convenient pull-down feature with 68-inches hose & Reflex system
  • Straightforward installation with Duralock & 1 or 3-hole compatibility
  • Excellent Spot-Resist finish for more durability and resilience

  • Could leak in the base when there’s too much water pressure

3. Moen Align

Moen AlignFrom performance to overall versatility, the Align is not only one of the best Moen faucets to have, but one of the best in this article.

With the ability to look outstandingly well in any of its three finishes: matte black, chrome or spot-resist stainless steel – this product provides a magnificent experience no matter where and how you use it.

The main feature and main reason this faucet is so amazing is the ability to reach four times what other pull-down hoses do. This ultra-flexible hose makes overall performance much more convenient so you can clean any object effortlessly.

This pull-down wand still has a few features to offer, including the two-spray mode that provides an aerated stream for soft rinse, and a powerful rinse using PowerClean technology.

With this technology and spray mode, you can achieve 50% more water flow than with most Moen faucets, making it perfect for cleaning stuck food or hard-to-remove dirt & dust. When it comes to design, it will not only look good but offers a functional set of features.

First, the 22.5-inches spout neck comes with 10-inches reach when the wand is docked. Not only this helps to reach farther objects but also makes cleaning more efficient.

Finally, you have an astonishing Duralock quick-connect system making overall installation pretty straightforward. And with the streamlined design, you will not have many hoses below the countertop for even more convenience.

  • Very long spout with pull-down wand offers outstanding flexibility
  • Top-notch dual-spray function provides either a soft or hard rinsing capacity
  • Superb PowerClean technology increases overall water flow & power
  • Incredibly easy-to-install design with Duralock system

  • Plastic wand head loses a little quality & resilience over time


Things That Make the Perfect Moen Kitchen Faucets

Even though the good Moen kitchen faucets are all very similar, there are still many things to learn about them. Here, we mention vital factors that make the difference between each Moen tap.

Handle Type

Here you can find a single-handle faucet that only has one lever to push up and down and let the water run or not. Then you can find the double-handle, which instead has two handles, usually one for hot water and the other for cold water.

And finally, you have the touchless version, which can be used without touching the faucet using the responsive MotionSense technology from Moen.

Arc Type

Here you can find high-arc faucet which frequently reaches more than 10 inches in height. These offer more space in the sink. Low-arc faucets let water reach the sink faster, yet they reduce overall space exponentially which can be a problem.

Wand Feature

Always go for a Moen faucet that comes with either pull-out or pull-down option. These convenient hoses help not only to reach different places but also to clean more effectively, especially with large cookware and utensils.

Spray Functions

Moen faucets tend to offer the chance to pick between two or three spray modes. This way, you get an even more useful faucet that works according to your needs. Pair this up with the helpful wand, and you get a fantastic Moen product.


The installation holes in the sink will tell you whether the products fit well on your kitchen or not. Make sure the Moen faucet you pick not only fits the sink in your kitchen, but also looks well on it.

Style & Finish

Moen normally offers three finishes: the modern style that comes with chrome finish. Looks well and fits all kinds of modern kitchens.

Then you have the transitional style, normally with a matte black color that fits different types of kitchen styles with a versatile touch. And then you have the traditional style which normally comes with a spot-resist finish that looks good and prevents finger marks & buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to pick your ideal faucet but still not sure whether it’s the right choice? Well, you may have some doubts still. Here, we answer some of the most common ones.

Q: How do I clean Spot-Resist finishes in Moen faucets?

A: A Spot-Resist finish is more resistant and durable than others, yet it still needs special care when it comes to cleaning. You’ll need only to use a damped cloth with soapy water. Then clean with soft touches.

Always prevent the use or corrosive, abrasive or chemical solvents that could damage the finish.

Q: Can I increase the flow of water in my Moen faucet?

A: While in most countries Moen does not reduce overall water flow of their products, in the USA there’s a law that prevents this brand from creating products without reducing flow.

But still, you can quickly increase the water flow by taking the O-ring out, and pressure will increase. If it does not, it’s probably because you have a blockage or faucet malfunction.

Q: Is there a way to prevent the hose of my Moen faucet from getting stuck?

A: Whether it is because the docking system stopped working or because there are too many hoses under the sink – you can always fix & prevent a stuck hose.

Using the Hose Management System, you can modify your faucet’s wand to fit your specific needs and avoid this problem.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Both Moen Arbor, touchless and standard versions are pretty handy & reliable. However, it is the Moen Align that will provide the best experience.

With its amazing Power Clean technology and extra-long feature with more flexibility, there’s no doubt this is the better choice. If you prefer a touchless version, the Moen Arbor will do just fine.

Best Kohler Kitchen Faucet

Kohler is arguably among the most famous brand about plumbing products, worldwide. This means Kohler always delivers the quality and performance you need. And when it comes to faucets, they don’t leave anything to be desired.

From style to features and even for their prices, Kohler faucets are excellent in every way. Here, we talk about three of the best this brand offers.

1. Kohler K-560-VS Bellera

Kohler K-560-VS BelleraFunctionality and versatility alongside one of the most sleek-looking designs in the market, that’s what the Bellera faucet from Kohler offers. This is an excellent example of what Kohler provides as a plumbing-related manufacturer, a pull-down faucet with a high-arc that not only looks good but delivers superb handiness.

The high-arc spout boasts a 3-function spray-head with a pull-down wand. This will help you reach different places more easily around the sink while offering the chance to use the Boost spray, the Sweep Spray or the Pause, for convenience.

And that’s not all, you also get a totally 360º movable head, thanks to the ProMotion technology, so you get even more flexibility.

This spout also comes with DockNetik, a magnetic system that keeps the hose attached. Eventually, this makes it easy to use and much more comfortable, adding a specific rate of safety as well. The installation process, on the other hand, is completely straightforward.

Using a versatile 1 or 3-hole build, you can install this faucet on any sink without issues. When it comes to durability and resilience, this faucet also stands out. With the corrosion and tarnish free finish, it will always look neat and clean.

Similarly, the spray-head comes with MasterClean system, which helps to maintain the hose clean and free of buildup. Add the ceramic disc valves in the knob, and you’ll get a fantastic product that lasts for years without issues.

  • Versatile design provides great spout head movement & useful 3-function spray
  • Superb construction with corrosion & rust free materials alongside DockNetik system
  • Very stylish look fits any type of kitchen style with its three different finishes
  • Entirely straightforward installation saves time and effort

  • Spray mode switch button can be a little problematic


2. Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts

Kohler K-99259-VS ArtifactsOne of the handiest in the market as well as one of the most durable, the Kohler Artifacts is an option you don’t want to overlook. Boasting a vintage look with several modern features, this faucet looks really good in almost any kitchen.

And with the top-notch quirks it offers, you will get an amazing experience without a doubt. One of the things you have to consider when viewing this faucet, however, is the ability to spray in three different modes.

You have the BerrySoft spray that delivers a gentle sprig. Then you have the Sweep spray that creates a wide blade of water to reach more places. And with the Aerated spray, you can fill pots easily with a strong and consistent blow.

But the ability to spray in three modes is not what makes it so good, but the capacity of the head to provide a free movement with swiveling ball joint. The ProMotion technology helps to use the pull-down feature much more conveniently.

Add the DockNetik docking system, and you’ll receive a magnetic force to prevent the spray-head from dropping or getting loose.

The best feature of all in this faucet, though, is the MasterClean technology. This technology makes the spray-head totally resistant to mineral corrosion and prevents buildup which eventually increases overall durability & resilience of the product.

  • Incredibly convenient three-function head for different spray patterns
  • Excellent ProMotion technology makes the spray head more versatile
  • Superb MasterClean technology prevents mineral buildup and prevents corrosion
  • Reliable overall build with useful DockNetik system for magnetic force with spray-head

  • Very expensive


3. KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice

KOHLER K-596-CP SimpliceA Kohler Simplice is one of the most beautiful and functional faucets you will find. Having the capacity to spray in different ways, provide a straightforward installation method, and providing exceptional versatility with its pull-down design – you won’t get as much quality as this easily.

For that and much more, this is one of the best faucets to consider if you want quality over anything else. One of the main features of it is the pull-down spout. Having this wand helps to clean stuff more effectively and reach over the sink without issues.

But the spray-head located in the spout comes with additional advantages, including the 3-function mode which provides three types of spray including Boost, Sweep and normal stream.

Another exciting part of this pull-down hose is the excellent construction. Using DockNetik system, this hose attaches firmly to the spout using magnetic force. Apart from that, you get ProMotion technology. This helps the hose head to move freely in a 360º angle, making the cleaning process a lot more versatile.

When it comes to overall build, this faucet also stands out. Add the ceramic disc valves that prevent leaks and flow loss. Add the MasterClean Sprayface, and you’ll have a unique set that reduces buildup and maintains the product clean at all times.

To finish its excellent build, you get three premium finishes, each one completely tarnishes and corrosion resistant for a more durable faucet.

For installation, this faucet won’t be a problem either. The flexible supply lines it comes with alongside the versatile 1 or 3-hole compatibility will make this faucet a total piece of cake to mount.

  • Top-notch installation method with flexible supply lines & compatibility with different sinks
  • Completely versatile pull-down hose with DockNetik System & ProMotion feature
  • Outstanding 3-function spray mode that offers a more convenient performance
  • Exceptional build features with stylish and well-made finishes for superb durability & resistance

  • Spray head may start leaking after a few years


Things That Make the Perfect Kohler Kitchen Faucet

Once you are closer to know which one is the top Kohler kitchen faucet, you start thinking whether you are right or not. To clear any doubt, here we have some factors you need to consider before buying.


The spray hose of Kohler faucets is one of the most versatile & handiest in the market. This spray allows superb reach and makes overall performance way easier. For Kohler faucets, this almost always comes in a pull-down design. So, we recommend all designs that come with it, especially the touchless ones.

However, it is not only the design of the spout spray that stands out, but the unusual features it has. You will have to consider whether you want magnetic dockings such as DockNetik, and a versatile ProMotion head with excellent mobility or its variants.

Another great feature to look for is the MasterClean spray-face that keeps the head clean, and the superb 3-function spray for three stream modes.


Kohler is one of the brands with the most finish availabilities out there. These finishes are not only superbly beautiful and make each model fit a specific type of kitchen style, but also resist corrosion, rust, and tarnish.

Some of them, like the Vibrant models, come with an outstanding scratch-resistant capacity, which adds to the overall resistance & durability of the product.

The most common finishes in Kohler kitchen faucets are the Polished Chrome for elegant looks, the Vibrant Stainless for a more resistant & shiny finish, and the Oil-Rubbed Bronze, that makes it durable but traditional-looking as well.


Apart from looks and functionality, the installation ease of the product is a critical part to consider. Here, we recommend going for the faucets that fit your sink. This is mostly about the number of holes. Most sinks come with either 1 or 3 holes.

And so, your faucet must be compatible with either one accordingly. Some of them are compatible with both.

Kohler faucets, however, are generally 1-hole models. But the exciting part is that they come with an additional attachment that makes them work with 3-hole sinks without looking badly. This way, you get a better product overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

These taps are amazing for sure, but they may confuse you with their features and overall designs. This could create doubts eventually and harm your experience. To get rid of these doubts, here you have common questions with their answers.

Q: Are Kohler faucets resistant enough to be used outdoors?

A: No, Kohler kitchen taps can only be used indoors. They have excellent construction to last for years, but sadly they don’t hold exterior factors as effectively as other outdoor-oriented products out there.

Q: Can I remove build-up from the Kohler faucet?

A: Kohler faucets may eventually create some buildup in the head, hose, or body of the product. To remove this buildup, we recommend using a small towel or paper cloth and damp it in 50/50 solution.

Make sure to wrap this tower around the part that has the buildup and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Then remove the towel counterclockwise with rubber gloves to get rid of buildup.

Q: Can the spray functions in the pull-down hose of Kohler faucets cause trouble?

A: As some faucets from Kohler offer a spray head with several functions, there’s a low chance of getting a defective or slightly problematic hose.

Most of the time, however, these problems are related to the buttons that are worn out or a button that’s missing. Dirt, rust, corrosion, and buildup may also be the problem, but that’s very unlikely. Try to the clean the faucet thoroughly, and you may fix the problem.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Kohler faucets will provide a fantastic experience, no matter which one you pick. But if it comes to buying the best option, we can’t recommend any other option than the Kohler Artifacts.

It is a well-made product with a superbly resistant & durable build that does not leave functionality & style behind. If you want a product that delivers what it’s supposed to, the Kohler Artifacts is the option to go for.

Best Delta Kitchen Faucet

Delta is a fantastic plumbing brand, but when it comes to faucets they steal the show entirely. This brand won’t disappoint you even in the slightest, and the following products will let you know precisely why.

1. Delta Faucet Leland (With Touch2O)

Delta Faucet LelandComing in Arctic Stainless, Venetian Bronze, Chrome and the amazing Spotshield Stainless finish that prevents hand and finger marks – this faucet is an option not to dismiss. But it is not on how it looks and how it feels but in the amazing touchless system that you get the exceptional results it offers.

The system is not really touchless but Touch2O. This means you won’t have to necessarily pull a lever or move a knob to open the faucet. Just touch the spot in any part, and it will start letting water out.

The best of all, it will tell you how hot or cold the water is with a TempSense LED indicator, which makes it one of the most convenient faucets in the market.

Its pull-down system is also amazing. Boasting a ShieldSpray technology, you can use a powerful stream that cleans even the most stubborn of stuck food in cookware. Alongside the strong spray you also get a regular stream, making the faucet completely versatile according to your needs.

The pull-down spray-head stays attached to the spout using MagnaTite Docking, a system with magnetic force that makes the hose reliable & easy to use. However, this pull-down has a 20-inches reach, making it more flexible than most options out there.

When it comes to durability, this tap won’t let you down either. The Diamond Seal Technology prevents leaking and lasts for many years, more than standard faucets. And when you add the superb energy efficiency that makes six AA batteries last up to two years, this faucet becomes a perfect option.

Let’s not forget it’s also effortless to install. It fits practically any sink design including single-hole and triple-hole configurations. What’s even better, it comes with InnoFLEX PEX supply lines that prevent leaking and make installation entirely straightforward.

  • Exceptional Touch2O system with TempSense LED indicator for handiness
  • Completely versatile pull-down design with 20-inches hose reach
  • Straightforward installation with InnoFLEX PEX supply lines & compatible design
  • Top-notch spray performance with ShieldSpray technology and double-spray function

  • The lever can be a little problematic


2. Delta Faucet Leland (Standard Version)

Delta Faucet LelandThe Delta Leland is undoubtedly an excellent faucet in any of its version. Whether it is the Touch2O version or the standard one, it will always look, feel, and perform like many others do not. That’s what sets this incredible model apart, including its overall reliability, superb operation, and versatile performance.

One of the things that need to be part of this review is the durability & resilience it offers. The Diamond Seal Technology, for example, provides a leak-free experience and increases overall resistance of the product.

But it is the powerful and versatile spray hose with pull-down design that makes it really handy in every way. This technology works with ShieldSpray, a system that provides a superb stream strength that gets rid of stuck food easily.

The hose also has a button that helps to change between Spray and Stream options so you can use the faucet according to your needs.

This excellent spout hose is connected via magnetic force, using the MagnaTite Docking system. Helping not only to keep the spot head in place but making it easy to use and very reliable in the long torn. And of course, this adds a slight versatility advantage as well.

When it comes to installation, this product is a piece of cake. Boasting a 1 and 3-hole configuration, you can fit this faucet everywhere. And when you add the optional deck, you get an even more convenient product.

Let’s not forget it comes with the fantastic InnoFLEX PEX lines, which reduce installation effort and prevent water lines problems in the future.

Finally, this product is a total piece of cake to clean. With the Touch-Clean rubber spray head, you can clean the product very quickly, getting rid of buildup effectively. Add the SpotShield finish, and you’ll get an immaculate and rust resistant construction with a very stylish look.

  • Good-looking design with a very straightforward installation process
  • Exceptional spray-head with double-spray feature and superb ShieldSpray system
  • Very reliable construction with Diamond Seal & MagnaTite technologies
  • High-quality SpotShield finish provides a resistant & spot-free faucet

  • Spray head may not come back automatically back despite its magnetic docking system


3. Delta Faucet Essa

Delta Faucet EssaAn incredibly smooth design with euro style, offering subtle details that provide a beautiful product in its entirety – the Delta Essa is a faucet you won’t dislike for sure. Coming in the same finishes as the Leland: Venetian Bronze, Arctic Stainless, Chrome, and the spot-free SpotShield Stainless – this faucet is also superbly reliable & functional.

It is not only made to good look though, as it also offers superb durability with the patented Diamond Seal Technology that prevents leaks while lasting many years without issues. It is the spray-head, however, that makes this product so amazing.

This head can swivel 360º degrees easily and provide a double-function spray, for when you want a standard stream or a more subtle spray.

The spray head comes with MagnaTite Docking system that keeps it attached to the spout. And what makes this hose even more amazing, is the Touch-Clean rubber spray holes, which make cleaning way easier & more straightforward than any other. Eventually, you will get rid of buildup and mineral particles with ease.

To install, you will only need to fit the product in either 1-hole or 3-hole sinks. However, it is the InnoFLEX PEX supply lines that make the whole process easier. And of course, these lines also help to provide a more leak-free experience with less hassle over time.

  • Outstanding design with three different finishes fit all types of kitchen styles
  • High-quality spray-head with MagnaTite Docking system & double-spray function
  • Really easy to clean with Touch-Clean rubber & seamless finish
  • Compatible & easy-to-install build with excellent InnoFLEX PEX supply lines

  • Stream spray function may provide too much pressure which creates a sudden splash

Things That Make the Perfect Delta Kitchen Faucet

Most of these taps are pretty similar, so finding the high quality Delta kitchen faucet can be a challenging task. To make it easier for you, here we talk about a few features that will probably set the bad products from the best – take a look!


There are several technologies you can get with a Delta faucet. However, there are two main ones you should always look for that will promote a superb experience.

These are the Touch2O and the TempSense. Both will support a convenient and effortless experience, and you should always consider a faucet that has either or both of these.

The TouchO2 feature, for example, helps to turn on the faucet with a single touch on the spout. This way, you won’t have to pull a lever or turn a knob to use the product.

With the TempSense, you get the chance to watch the temperature of the faucet in a LED indicator. This goes from Blue or Magenta to Red depending on the temperature level.


Apart from having exceptional construction with stainless steel that lasts for years, there are additional build-related quirks that make Delta faucets stand out. We recommend going for taps that offer the Touch-Clean and the Diamond Seal technology.

While the Touch-Clean refers to rubber spray holes that prevent buildup and are easier to clean than metal holes, the Diamond Seal promotes a more reliable & durable experience with zero leaks. Don’t overlook faucets with any of these features.


Venetian Bronze, Chrome, Arctic Stainless, and the magnificent SpotShield Stainless – these are the main finishes Delta offers with its faucets. For us, each one fits a specific kitchen style and will undoubtedly last a lifetime with the right care.

However, it is the SpotShield finish that takes the cake here. With the ability to prevent buildup and reduce fingerprint marks, this finish is more expensive than others but a great option to have.


Always remember to go for the easiest to use and handiest spray head possible. As most Delta faucet come with pull-down designs, it’s critical to go for the right spray-head capacity.

Here we recommend going for a dual-action model with two spray modes. This will be very convenient in the long term. And for features, we recommend ShieldSpray, a magnificent mode that increases water flow so you can get more rinsing power.

Finally, make sure the spray head is connected to the spout with the right mechanism. MagnaTite, from Delta, is the technology to go for. Pick these features accordingly, and you’ll get a more useful faucet in every way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have doubts before buying, and these doubts can be very decisive on whether you want the product or not. Here are some answers for doubts you may have.

Q: Do I need to do maintenance on a Delta faucet?

A: To any faucet you have, maintenance will always be ideal. Doing this gets rid of mineral deposits and buildup, reduces the possibility of rust and corrosion, and eventually makes the product look great.

For Delta faucets, we recommend using a cloth damped in a mix of vinegar and water. After cleaning the spout entirely with the fabric, then you can use a dry one to get rid of excess. And that’s it.

Q: Can the finish of a Delta faucet deteriorate?

A: Deterioration either by corrosion, rush or tarnish is common after several years of use. But this could also happen by using damaging chemicals, hitting the spout, and never cleaning when there’s food or any type of build in the product.

Q: Do I need an electrician or plumber to install a Touch2O Delta faucet?

A: The installation of all Delta faucets is the same, even with a specific technological feature such as Touch2O. While this process is similar in many ways, you will have to connect additional wires to the product, and that’s it.

Just make sure to read the indications thoroughly, and you’ll have no problem installing your Touch2O faucet.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

They all look and feel similarly, provide an outstanding experience in every way, and even come with similar features. But when it comes to Delta faucets, there’s no better choice than the Delta Leland with Touch2O feature.

With its amazing single-touch technology and excellent TempSense features, you will have what other Delta taps have, but with a very handy feature you won’t find anywhere else. The Delta Leland is undoubtedly one of the best faucets you will find, and an option you don’t want to ignore.

Best Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

Coming with only one handle or lever, these faucets tend to be really convenient to use, versatile for cleaning, and straightforward to install.

Both the water-flow control and the temperature control come in the same handle so they may not be an option for everyone. Similarly, there are many options to choose from, so here we talk about three we think are the best.

1. Delta Faucet Essa (Standard)

Delta Faucet EssaFor single-handle faucets, there aren’t many options as useful & good-looking as the Essa from Delta. This modern faucet with a smooth finish providing a Euro-style will fit a wide array of kitchen configurations easily. And while it looks terrific, it’s the exceptional functionality that makes this faucet so amazing.

We’ll start with its spray function, coming with the pull-down hose that provides two spray options for Spray and Stream. Each one works for specific needs, whether it is cleaning or filling pots and glasses.

This hose is also reliable and well-made, especially with the MagnaTite system that docks the wand in the spot with magnetic strength, reducing accidents and increasing overall usability.

Despite being very useful, this spray is also easy to clean. Boasting Touch-Clean holes made of rubber, you won’t have to spend more than a few seconds cleaning the product. This also reduces the amount of buildup you get over time.

Alongside its ease of maintenance, you can enjoy its magnificently durable build, boasting the Diamond Seal Technology that prevents leaks and makes installation way easy.

Pair this up with the straightforward 1-hole and 3-hole installation design and the InnoFLEX PEX supply lines, and you’ll have one of the most convenient faucets out there.

Add the four different finishes it comes with, and you’ll have an excellent product entirely. Here you find the Venetian Bronze that adds a traditional dark look, the Matte Black for a modern dark style, Chrome for a shiny finish, and Arctic Stainless that looks sophisticated with a resistant coating.

  • Beautiful design with four different finishes to choose from
  • Superb spray-head quality with double-spray function & MagnaTide Docking system
  • Excellent Diamond Seal Technology with Touch-Clean head for a durable & clean experience
  • Versatile & efficient installation system with InnoFLEX PEX supply lines

  • Spout reach at 20 inches can be too high for most kitchen sinks

2. Delta Faucet Essa (Touch2O)

Delta Faucet EssaEssa will always be one of the single-handle faucets with highest-quality builds in the market. But the Essa from Delta also offers an additional advantage: it comes with a Touch2O feature. This function works similar to a touchless faucet, making it easy to open and close with a single touch on any part of its spout.

You won’t have to touch the lever or knob with your hands dirty, just do it with a slight tap with your wrist, forearm, elbow or the back of your hand, and that’s it.

And what’s even better, this Touch2O feature does not only come with the touchless function but also with a TempSense LED indicator. This indicator will tell you the temperature with colors, from RED to BLUE.

Having this feature means the product will need electricity. Well, here you can enjoy a simple six AA batteries operation. The faucet is so efficient, however, that you can enjoy its Touch2O feature for up to 2 years before batteries drain. Otherwise, you can always get an AC adapter as a separate purchase.

Apart from its excellent touchless function, you can also enjoy a pull-down hose that reaches up to 20 inches without issues. Alongside the MagnaTite docking system and a fantastic Touch-Clean rubber spray-head feature, you can enjoy a superbly reliable & clean product.

This faucet is also durable, especially with the Diamond Seal Technology that makes leaks almost impossible. Corrosion and rust are also less likely to occur in crevices. Add this to the superb InnoFLEX PEX supply lines, and you’ll get a completely reliable product in every way.

Finally, it comes how easy it is to install. With the Duramount mounting system that fits either one or three holes sinks, you won’t get any faucet as easy to mount like this one.

  • High-quality Touch2O feature with TempSense LED for effortless & convenient operation
  • Comes with excellent TouchClean rubber spray-head and seamless design for easy cleaning
  • Very reliable build with MagnaTite and Diamond Seal Technology
  • Straightforward installation with Duramount system & InnoFLEX PEX Supply lines

  • Sensitive Touch2O feature may turn on and off with a very slight touch which can be frustrating


3. Delta Faucet Leland

Delta Faucet LelandLooks like all Delta faucets are excellent single-handle products, and guess what? They entirely are, and the Delta Leland is one of the best you can find in every way.

But apart from being a single-handle product, it is also a Touch2O faucet. This means you won’t have to necessarily touch the handle if you want to open the faucet. You just need to do it with your wrist, elbow or forearm in any part of the spot and that’s it.

And if you need to change temperature, it comes with an automatic TempSense LED that tells whether the water is hot or cold with different colors.

This faucet also comes with a pull-down hose, perfect for increased versatility & convenience. Attached to the spout with MagnaTite magnetic system, and with a superb dual-function spray – you will get a completely reliable and useful product.

To make it even better, this wand comes with ShieldSpray feature which increases water flow and provides the perfect stream for cleaning dishes and cookware.

The construction of this product is also a great thing to consider. With the Diamond Seal technology using the diamond ceramic disc, you will never experience a leak. And when you add the convenient Touch-Clean rubber spray-head, you get the chance to clean the product quickly and effectively.

Eventually, this gives you a more reliable and durable faucet. When it comes to installation, you will just have to fit it in a single or triple-hole sink, and that’s it, thanks to its Duramount system. Add the InnoFLEX PEX supply lines, and you’ll get one of the easiest to install faucets out there.

  • Useful Touch2O feature so you can use the faucet without touching the handle if needed
  • Superb construction with diamond ceramic disk and rubber spray-head
  • Exceptional installation system with Duramount and InnoFlex PEX supply lines
  • Functional & reliable pull-down hose with MagnaTite system & ShieldSpray technology

  • Handle may not function as expected

Things That Make the Perfect Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

If you are really trying to get the right single handle kitchen faucet, then you will have to learn a few things about them to make the right choice. Here, we talk about three factors that make all the difference between a bad and a good product.


First, remember that you are getting a single-handle product. This means you won’t have to install the faucet in a sink with more than just one hole. Eventually, this saves you time and effort when looking for a matching sink. It also makes the installation process easy.

However, if you already have a 3-hole or 2-hole sink installed, you can make it work with the optional adapters most faucets come with. If the product doesn’t come with an optional adaptor for 2 or 3 hole sinks, that’s not the option for you.

Also, consider the design of supply lines. It will tell you how easy it will be to mount and to maintain.

Useful Features

Most manufacturers and brands offer single-handle faucets that come with additional features, sometimes touchless or similar technological functions that add functionality to the product.

We recommend any sensor-oriented faucet out there, whether it is touchless or uses a single-touch open function, so you can operate the faucet without using your hands or pulling the lever.

Pull-down and pull-out hoses are also very useful in single-handle devices. They make the product much more versatile and convenient in the long term.


A single-handle faucet tends to be sleek and small enough not to bring attention, yet you will still want something that fits your kitchen style and that provides a resistant build. Here we recommend stainless versions if you want a modern look with exceptional durability.

Or instead, dark versions for more traditional looks that still offer superb resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, answering some common queries is more than obvious. Although you may have a question that isn’t answered here, we really tried to put the most frequent ones. Nonetheless, for any further ask, some Google searches might help!

Q: Is it possible to adjust the temperature with a single-handle faucet?

A: Yes, you can adjust the temperature in a single-handle faucet, but it’s not the most convenient process. Most of the time, handles/lever can move up and down to open and shut, but they can also move to the sides depending on the desired water temperature you want.

However, this process reduces temp accuracy and sometimes makes it a little hard & uncomfortable to do.

Q: Will my single-hand faucet close itself if needed?

A: Several single-handle faucets come with a self-shut feature. However, most of these products will not. If you want a convenient product that helps you save water, maybe going for a faucet with auto-shut feature will be useful.

Q: What can I do if my single-handle faucet leaks?

A: When a single-handle spout or hose leaks, it could be the cartridge, the O-ring or buildup in the faucet. We recommend cleaning the product entirely, searching for cracked O-ring and looking for a damaged or worn down cartridge.

If you find any of these is happening and fix it, you very likely fix the problem of dripping/leaking faucet.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

There are thousands of single-handle faucets in the market, but surely not all them will work the same way. In this list, we reviewed the three best options, and all of them are from Delta.

While they don’t differ much, we can easily say the Delta Leland with Touch2O feature is the one to go for. With its top-notch construction, excellent performance, and superb functionality, this faucet has no rival.

Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Commercial kitchen faucets are larger, bigger, and heavier than most kitchen faucets, yet they are also more powerful and efficient.

They are always great options to have. But they come in many different designs, with various features, and always oriented towards a specific application. That doesn’t mean, however, that commercial kitchen faucets aren’t useful for you.

They still offer great results for kitchens and work tremendously well in restaurants and similar places. So, it is essential to know what you’re getting.

To ease up the process of choosing & buying a commercial faucet, here we bring three of the most exciting models to consider.

1. Kraus KPF-1602SS

Kraus KPF-1602SSNot only it provides commercial performance for industrial operation, but it also looks incredibly good with a modern style – the Kraus KPF-1602 is an excellent faucet to have. Offering an attractive high-arc design with an open-coil spout that goes to 32 inches up – this faucet is also one of the largest you will find.

It looks professional and works the same way too. The functionality you get with this faucet is just amazing. Starting with its Pre-Rinse Spray, you can use its pull-down design in a wide array of applications without problems. Whether it is filling pots or merely getting rid of build-up – this faucet won’t let you down.

This spout is also amazing for its rubber nozzles, which don’t let build-up to stay for long and make cleaning easy. Add the superb open-coil swivel, and you’ll have a faucet that moves in 360º without problems, making it a versatile product entirely.

And when you consider the pot-filler spout, you’ll get one of the most convenient products in the market.

This commercial faucet is also a single-handle product, which means you’ll only need a hand to use it. However, it is not how easy it is to use that stands out, but its fantastic construction.

First, it starts with the brass construction resistant to lead and corrosion. Then you find the Kerox ceramic cartridge that prevents dripping and a Neoperl aerator that prevents water waste.

Finally, you find the easy-to-install design. In just a few minutes you can install this device in any single-hole sink without problems. It comes with all necessary accessories and hardware for mounting, so you don’t have anything to complain about.

  • Convenient, versatile & durable spray with rubber nozzles & open-coil swivel
  • Excellent water flow with Pre-Rinse Spray and Pot Filler addition
  • Superb construction made of corrosion resistant and lead-free brass
  • Exceptional Neoperl aerator prevents water waste with Kerox cartridge seal

  • Cumbersome and tall design may not be ideal for most small or medium sized kitchens


2. Moen 5923 Align

Moen 5923 AlignOne of the things that stand out about the Moen Align is the modern and industrial style that matches a wide array of kitchen configurations. When you consider the different finishes: Chrome, Matte Black and Spot-Resist Stainless – you get a highly versatile design.

And with the Spot Resist feature, you can get a cleaner & fingerprint-free product. While it looks exceptionally well, it is the amazing heavy-duty spray of the faucet that really makes it so amazing. Boasting the PowerClean technology, you can clean dishes, cookware, and many other things more effectively.

This fantastic spray comes from the pull-down wand which comes with a two-function spray. You’ll have the chance to switch from a steady aerated stream for filling to powerful rinse for cleaning cookware & utensils.

The hose is incredibly long and flexible, reaching four times what other hoses do and providing a great elasticity alongside a self-retracting feature.

All of this is thanks to the high-neck spout, made with the whole purpose of reaching more places inside the sink. With the 22.5-inches neck, it gives a very stylish touch to your kitchen while providing superb handiness. To install this faucet, you will also receive a convenient and straightforward experience.

The Duralock Quick-Connect system with the fantastic compatibility with different countertops and single-hole sinks, you won’t have to spend much time or effort mounting it. All of that together and you have a top-notch faucet in every way.

  • Exceptional spot reach with superb pull-down design for flexibility & convenience
  • Outstanding spray feature with PowerClean technology & double-spray functions
  • Handy Duralock Quick-Connect system with great sink compatibility
  • Very stylish and well-made steel design with three finishes & Spot-Resist functionality

  • Provides reduced water pressure due to internal redactor from Moen


3. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden

Kraus KPF-1610SS BoldenThe Bolden faucet from Kraus is one of the most exciting things you can add to any kitchen. With a tall design and a perfect heavy-duty brass construction – this faucet is made to last for years & provide an excellent experience.

Add the superb finishes in stainless steel, matte black, stainless chrome, and stainless matte, and you’ll have a magnificent product that delivers durability & great looks.

With its single-handle design, also, you will enjoy a cozy experience at all times. It makes overall operation very straightforward as well, using a splash-free temp & flow control that you can get the most from. This handle design also rotates 90º degrees so you can install the faucet even in the hardest of places.

Alongside the handle, you find the spout. This spout provides excellent results thanks to an 18-inches height design and 20-inches reach with the pull-down hose. This hose is retractable and offers smooth operation. Pair it up with the superb spray nozzle, and you’ll get a convenient product.

Let’s not forget it is also easy to clean and built to last, entirely lead-free and using a ceramic cartridge to prevent dripping. And with soft silicone nozzles, getting rid of buildup and mineral storage is a piece of cake.

This spray is also fantastic when it comes to functionality. It provides a dual-function spray-head, with a splash-free aerated stream and a powerful pre-rinse spray, each one with its own purpose for a convenient experience.

When it comes to installing the faucet, you won’t face any problem either. It is ready to mount, boasting 22-inches water lines and all the necessary hardware for fast & easy operation. In short, this faucet has it all and more.

  • Exceptional design comes in various finishes to fit several kitchen styles easily
  • Very durable & resistant heavy-duty brass build with corrosion & lead-free properties
  • Great 20-inches reach pull-down hose with superb double-function spray
  • Easy to install design with additional 22-inch water lines & necessary hardware

  • Spray-head tends to drip a lot with high water pressure


Things That Make the Perfect Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Now that you’ve seen reviews of the popular commercial kitchen faucets out there, it’s time to learn what really makes an ideal one. This way, you can pick the right product according to your needs.


Height & Reach

A commercial-use faucet needs to be tall enough and provide enough reach. Even though it is designed for kitchen use in homes, it still needs to provide a flexible design. Here, we recommend going for faucets that are not shorter than 18 inches.

This way, you get a tall enough product. If it goes over 25 inches, it will probably be very long, sometimes too much and may not fit in your kitchen, so be careful.

With reach, we refer to the length of the hose or want alongside the spout height. We recommend going no shorter than 15 inches of additional range. Therefore, you get enough flexibility and reach for more convenient operation. Anything over 20 inches of range can be too much as well, so pay attention before buying.

Hose & Spray

All commercial faucets may come with either pull-down or pull-outs designs that offer a hose. This wand needs to come with a spray head so you can reach different places inside or outside the sink to increase overall cleaning capacity.

We recommend choosing hoses that are very flexible, well-made, and with easy-to-clean spray heads. And if you want even better results, choose one that comes with at least two spray functions.

Most of them offer a standard spray for filling and soft-rinsing and a powerful one for filling & cleaning strongly. These are the ones to go for.


Materials & Finish

Another critical part of every commercial faucet is how it’s made. The materials in the construction will tell you how durable the product is. We recommend brass and stainless steel as the most durable & resistant product out there. However, the material is nothing without the right finish.

The finish adds to the overall style of the product, so it fits different kitchen designs, colors, and styles. But the finish also works as a resistant coating.

Some finishes such as stainless & spot-resistant tend to offer additional advantages that make your product much better.

Frequently Asked Questions

With each review and buying guide, we always leave things out. Luckily, here are a few additional things you may want to know about them.

Q: Can I install a commercial faucet outdoors?

A: While the brass construction of commercial faucets tends to be resistant and durable, we recommend using kitchen faucets exclusively inside. They could stand outdoor use but will probably wear, rust, and corrode faster than indoors.

Q: Can a commercial faucet come with touchless sensors?

A: Yes, similarly to standard versions, most commercial faucets can also come with touchless sensors. But of course, these faucets are larger so the sensors may not work as effectively as in a regular model.

Q: Do I need to hire an expert to install a commercial faucet in my kitchen?

A: No. Most commercial kitchen faucets demand the same installation effort than typical models. However, they tend to be heavy and a little larger than standard faucets so they may be a bit more uncomfortable to install.

We recommend using all the necessary tools including screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, Teflon tape and the hardware that comes with the faucet.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Most commercial faucets are very alike, but depending on the brand & features, they will differ exponentially. For us, it all comes down to a product that delivers excellent results without emptying your wallet.

That’s why we think the Kraus Bolden is the option you should go for.

With its incredibly affordable cost and amazing overall build & design, you won’t get any better product out there. This faucet will last a lifetime while delivering exceptional performance.

It won’t disappoint you in any way, even for its incredible price.

Best Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

Pull-out models are incredibly useful as kitchen faucets, yet they are not perfect. Luckily for you, we know exactly how to pick the ideal pull-out tap. Here, we go over three models and a small buying guide to help you get the right one.

1. Moen 7294SRS Arbor

Moen 7294SRS ArborIt’s not easy to find pull-out models that look amazing as the Moen Arbor does. Coming with a sophisticated style and providing great functionality, you can get a lot from this faucet. Entirely straightforward to use and with a single-handle design, this product is undoubtedly an option you don’t want to overlook.

The most exciting part of the design is an excellent finish. While you can pick a Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Matte Black, it is the Spot Resist Stainless finish that makes it unique. This way, it prevents water spots looks shinier and does not mark fingerprints that can change its look so much.

But surely, this finish also prevents buildup, corrosion, and rust very effectively. It offers everything you could need in a faucet and more. The 2-spray function is one of them, providing a pull-out wand that can give either an aerated stream for slow rinsing or a powerful rinse for heavy-duty cleaning.

And to make it even better, this spray-head comes with a pause button, so you get superb convenience. Add the Reflex system for automatic docking, and you get a better experience.

Apart from its build and design, you get an exceptional HydroLock installation system. This faucet not only fits really fast & easy in any sink due to its 1 or 3-hole compatibility, but it also offers a Duralock Quick Connect system, that makes supply line installation entirely straightforward.

You just need to wait for the visual, tactile and audible confirmation to know that the product is installed correctly.

  • Beautiful design and finish including Spot Resist Stainless for cleanliness
  • High-quality installation system including HydroLock & Duralock features
  • Versatile spout turns 360º with two-function spray and pause button
  • Long 68-inches braided hose provides unbeatable flexibility

  • Single handle design makes it a little difficult to change temperature settings


2. Pfister Pfirst Series

Pfister Pfirst SeriesIf you are on a short budget but still want a high-quality faucet that won’t let you down, the Pfirst Series form Pfister is probably your best option. As a pull-out model, this great faucet provides excellent versatility and makes overall cleaning operation in the kitchen very easy & straightforward.

And still, it manages to look really good and adds a stylish touch to any kitchen design. It works well as a quick replacement for old faucets that don’t work, or as a cheap but reliable option for a new kitchen. As it fits any type of sink including 1 and 3 hole ones, you won’t have to worry about installation.

And with the high-arc design and 6.25-inches spout height – you can install it practically anywhere without issues. Even more so, when you add the deck-plate & 180º swivel joint.

But it is not the spout height or design that stands out the most, but the superb pullout ability with 38-inches long hose. You’ll be able to reach farther away from the sink than with any other product in the market. This way, you achieve exceptional versatility making cleaning and overall operation effortless.

You can also switch between spray and stream modes, so you get even more handiness. The construction of this faucet is also unusual. Boasting a lead-free and rust-resistant brass build with ceramic disc valve for fewer leaks & excellent nylon supply lines, this faucet will never let you down.

All of that at such an astonishing price make this product one of the best all around.

  • Outstanding high-quality brass build with great finishes at an unbeatable cost
  • Excellent hose reach at 38-inches for a versatile yet easy experience
  • Superb spray-head design with two modes for better cleaning results
  • Exceptional leak-free build with ceramic disc valves & nylon supply lines

  • The hose is not as long as expected


3. KOHLER K-10433-VS Forte

KOHLER K-10433-VS ForteA transitional style with a modern look, the Kohler Forte is made not only for users who want a beautiful faucet but those who want a highly versatile design.

Coming in five different finishes including Brushed or Polished Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel or Bronze, and Vibrant Stainless – you can match it with any kitchen and get its astoundingly useful features.

You’ll get a 9-inches spout reach with a 25-inches flexible hose for superb versatility. This pull-out function comes with a 2-mode spray, perfect for rinsing and cleaning. The spout also boasts the DockNetic system for magnetic docking, added to the MasterClean technology that prevents buildup and makes cleaning effortless.

The construction is also top-notch with ceramic disc valves to prevent leaks, provides smooth operation, and elongates the lifespan of the product. Alongside premium metal construction with exceptional finishes that promote a lead-free, corrosion and scratch resistant product – this unit has merely no competitor.

Let’s not forget it also comes with a fantastic easy-to-install design, which makes it compatible with one or three-hole sinks. It also comes with an escutcheon and a deck plate so you can install it quickly and without wasting your time.

  • Excellent design for a stylish look with several finishes fit all kinds of kitchens
  • Straightforward operation with single-handle design & useful 25-inches pull-out feature
  • Top-notch spray-head with two-mode sprays & superb MasterClean feature
  • Unmatched metal construction with straightforward installation system

  • Plastic spray-head can drip & tarnish with time

Things That Make the Perfect Pull-out Kitchen Faucets

Getting the right pull-out kitchen faucet will not be easy, especially when you have a few options to choose from. However, it gets even harder when you don’t know what to look for. To make this buying process less stressing, here we bring some critical factors to consider.

Hose & Spray

Every pull-out faucet comes with a hose or wand that separates from the spout. This hose adds outstanding versatility, but it should be reliable enough to provide a great experience.

That’s why it’s essential to go for metal spray-heads and choose models with useful ceramic cartridges and rubber spray holes if possible.

It’s critical also to have a great spray function. Whether it is two functions for low pressure and one for high pressure, or a pause button, and so on – this makes the faucet much more functional than others.

The same happens with length, as we recommend going for hoses no shorter than 15 inches.


Whether it is brass or stainless steel, make sure to pick a pull-out faucet that can stand the years and prevent issues such as abrasion, rust, corrosion, and mineral buildup while offering a lead-free experience. But apart from the materials, you also have specific parts to consider.

These parts can be the compression valves, the sealing system, the spray-head construction, and the handle build. We always recommend going for the best options possible. Diamond and ceramic valves are exceptional, patented sealing systems will make the faucet more reliable, and the right handle will prevent unwanted operation – that’s what you should consider.


Make sure the pull-out faucet you pick is easy to install or at least comes with everything needed for it. Here, we recommend going for designs that fit different types of sinks, including 1-hole and 3-hole configurations. And surely, they should come with their own escutcheon or deck-plate if needed.

Apart from that, make sure it comes with a straightforward set of supply lines. This will not only ensure an easier installation but also make the product much more reliable in the long term.


Every faucet has a finish, and pull-out ones also rely on this part for resistance & durability, and most importantly, for looks. If you want your pull-out faucet to look well in your stylish kitchen, make sure to pick the right finish.

Most common finishes go from Stainless to Bronze, Matte, Nickel, and Chrome. Each one offers their own style to fit different kitchen looks. However, they also provide different construction functions, especially those with stainless or spot-resist features. These add an excellent resistance coating to the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

While reading some reviews and learning more about them in depth is useful, there are still many doubts you could still have. Here, we bring some of them with their respective answers.

Q: Should I do maintenance on my pull-out faucet?

A: Yes, it’s vital to do sporadic maintenance on your faucet to keep it clean and reduce the rate of issues.

We recommend cleaning it with warm water, soap and/or vinegar using a damp cloth, especially in critical areas such as the levers, handles, and spray-heads. Make sure to dry the product after cleaning with a wet cloth, this will prevent spots & chemical damage.

Q: What happens when a pull-out faucet provides low water pressure?

A: This is a common issue with pull-out and pull-down faucets. This mostly happens due to the spray-heads which can get clogged or damaged with time. We recommend cleaning the product with white vinegar and hot water every three months.

This way, you can get rid of mineral buildup and other contaminants that could harm and clog the faucet thus reducing water pressure.

Q: Can the hose of my pull-out faucet get stuck in the below cabinet?

A: Yes, this also happens with pull-down faucets most of the time. This occurs when there are too many supply lines with broken hoses, or with large hoses that get caught with other things.

Several brands such as Moen, offer a Hose Management System as an additional item. It helps to get rid of obstructions and accommodate your faucet in the below cabinet without issues.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

In this list, we wanted to focus on quality, functionality and overall performance. But when a product is too cheap for what it offers, we can’t say no to it.

The Pfister Pfirst Series pull-out faucet is precisely that product, an affordable and still magnificently useful & reliable product to have.

While it doesn’t have the construction quality, features, and does not offer the performance others in this list offer – it’s still an outstanding choice as a pull-out tap. You shouldn’t dismiss it for just how it looks.

Overall Say from the Editor

When you are renewing your kitchen or just replacing an old or broken faucet, there’s nothing better than going for options that are worth it. You may like to read Best Kitchen Sinks Reviews

That’s why we brought the best kitchen faucets of all kinds to this article, after reviewing, considering features, looks, and performances of each.

If you want any kind of faucet, you will find it in this article. However, we think there’s nothing more important than knowing exactly what you want and what you need.

So, before choosing the product of your liking, make sure it fits your necessities first. Then, you’ll surely pick the ideal faucet.