Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets of 2019

Commercial kitchen faucets are larger, bigger, and heavier than most kitchen faucets, yet they are also more powerful and efficient.

They are always great options to have. But they come in many different designs, with various features, and always oriented towards a specific application. That doesn’t mean, however, that commercial kitchen faucets aren’t useful for you.

They still offer great results for kitchens and work tremendously well in restaurants and similar places. So, it is essential to know what you’re getting.

To ease up the process of choosing & buying a commercial faucet, here we bring three of the most exciting models to consider.

1. Kraus KPF-1602SS

Kraus KPF-1602SSNot only it provides commercial performance for industrial operation, but it also looks incredibly good with a modern style – the Kraus KPF-1602 is an excellent faucet to have. Offering an attractive high-arc design with an open-coil spout that goes to 32 inches up – this faucet is also one of the largest you will find.

It looks professional and works the same way too. The functionality you get with this faucet is just amazing. Starting with its Pre-Rinse Spray, you can use its pull-down design in a wide array of applications without problems. Whether it is filling pots or merely getting rid of build-up – this faucet won’t let you down.

This spout is also amazing for its rubber nozzles, which don’t let build-up to stay for long and make cleaning easy. Add the superb open-coil swivel, and you’ll have a faucet that moves in 360º without problems, making it a versatile product entirely.

And when you consider the pot-filler spout, you’ll get one of the most convenient products in the market.

This commercial faucet is also a single-handle product, which means you’ll only need a hand to use it. However, it is not how easy it is to use that stands out, but its fantastic construction.

First, it starts with the brass construction resistant to lead and corrosion. Then you find the Kerox ceramic cartridge that prevents dripping and a Neoperl aerator that prevents water waste.

Finally, you find the easy-to-install design. In just a few minutes you can install this device in any single-hole sink without problems. It comes with all necessary accessories and hardware for mounting, so you don’t have anything to complain about.

  • Convenient, versatile & durable spray with rubber nozzles & open-coil swivel
  • Excellent water flow with Pre-Rinse Spray and Pot Filler addition
  • Superb construction made of corrosion resistant and lead-free brass
  • Exceptional Neoperl aerator prevents water waste with Kerox cartridge seal

  • Cumbersome and tall design may not be ideal for most small or medium sized kitchens


2. Moen 5923 Align

Moen 5923 AlignOne of the things that stand out about the Moen Align is the modern and industrial style that matches a wide array of kitchen configurations. When you consider the different finishes: Chrome, Matte Black and Spot-Resist Stainless – you get a highly versatile design.

And with the Spot Resist feature, you can get a cleaner & fingerprint-free product. While it looks exceptionally well, it is the amazing heavy-duty spray of the faucet that really makes it so amazing. Boasting the PowerClean technology, you can clean dishes, cookware, and many other things more effectively.

This fantastic spray comes from the pull-down wand which comes with a two-function spray. You’ll have the chance to switch from a steady aerated stream for filling to powerful rinse for cleaning cookware & utensils.

The hose is incredibly long and flexible, reaching four times what other hoses do and providing a great elasticity alongside a self-retracting feature.

All of this is thanks to the high-neck spout, made with the whole purpose of reaching more places inside the sink. With the 22.5-inches neck, it gives a very stylish touch to your kitchen while providing superb handiness. To install this faucet, you will also receive a convenient and straightforward experience.

The Duralock Quick-Connect system with the fantastic compatibility with different countertops and single-hole sinks, you won’t have to spend much time or effort mounting it. All of that together and you have a top-notch faucet in every way.

  • Exceptional spot reach with superb pull-down design for flexibility & convenience
  • Outstanding spray feature with PowerClean technology & double-spray functions
  • Handy Duralock Quick-Connect system with great sink compatibility
  • Very stylish and well-made steel design with three finishes & Spot-Resist functionality

  • Provides reduced water pressure due to internal redactor from Moen


3. Kraus KPF-1610SS Bolden

Kraus KPF-1610SS BoldenThe Bolden faucet from Kraus is one of the most exciting things you can add to any kitchen. With a tall design and a perfect heavy-duty brass construction – this faucet is made to last for years & provide an excellent experience.

Add the superb finishes in stainless steel, matte black, stainless chrome, and stainless matte, and you’ll have a magnificent product that delivers durability & great looks.

With its single-handle design, also, you will enjoy a cozy experience at all times. It makes overall operation very straightforward as well, using a splash-free temp & flow control that you can get the most from. This handle design also rotates 90º degrees so you can install the faucet even in the hardest of places.

Alongside the handle, you find the spout. This spout provides excellent results thanks to an 18-inches height design and 20-inches reach with the pull-down hose. This hose is retractable and offers smooth operation. Pair it up with the superb spray nozzle, and you’ll get a convenient product.

Let’s not forget it is also easy to clean and built to last, entirely lead-free and using a ceramic cartridge to prevent dripping. And with soft silicone nozzles, getting rid of buildup and mineral storage is a piece of cake.

This spray is also fantastic when it comes to functionality. It provides a dual-function spray-head, with a splash-free aerated stream and a powerful pre-rinse spray, each one with its own purpose for a convenient experience.

When it comes to installing the faucet, you won’t face any problem either. It is ready to mount, boasting 22-inches water lines and all the necessary hardware for fast & easy operation. In short, this faucet has it all and more.

  • Exceptional design comes in various finishes to fit several kitchen styles easily
  • Very durable & resistant heavy-duty brass build with corrosion & lead-free properties
  • Great 20-inches reach pull-down hose with superb double-function spray
  • Easy to install design with additional 22-inch water lines & necessary hardware

  • Spray-head tends to drip a lot with high water pressure


Things That Make the Perfect Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Now that you’ve seen reviews of the popular commercial kitchen faucets out there, it’s time to learn what really makes an ideal one. This way, you can pick the right product according to your needs.


Height & Reach

A commercial-use faucet needs to be tall enough and provide enough reach. Even though it is designed for kitchen use in homes, it still needs to provide a flexible design. Here, we recommend going for faucets that are not shorter than 18 inches.

This way, you get a tall enough product. If it goes over 25 inches, it will probably be very long, sometimes too much and may not fit in your kitchen, so be careful.

With reach, we refer to the length of the hose or want alongside the spout height. We recommend going no shorter than 15 inches of additional range. Therefore, you get enough flexibility and reach for more convenient operation. Anything over 20 inches of range can be too much as well, so pay attention before buying.

Hose & Spray

All commercial faucets may come with either pull-down or pull-outs designs that offer a hose. This wand needs to come with a spray head so you can reach different places inside or outside the sink to increase overall cleaning capacity.

We recommend choosing hoses that are very flexible, well-made, and with easy-to-clean spray heads. And if you want even better results, choose one that comes with at least two spray functions.

Most of them offer a standard spray for filling and soft-rinsing and a powerful one for filling & cleaning strongly. These are the ones to go for.


Materials & Finish

Another critical part of every commercial faucet is how it’s made. The materials in the construction will tell you how durable the product is. We recommend brass and stainless steel as the most durable & resistant product out there. However, the material is nothing without the right finish.

The finish adds to the overall style of the product, so it fits different kitchen designs, colors, and styles. But the finish also works as a resistant coating.

Some finishes such as stainless & spot-resistant tend to offer additional advantages that make your product much better.

Frequently Asked Questions

With each review and buying guide, we always leave things out. Luckily, here are a few additional things you may want to know about them.

Q: Can I install a commercial faucet outdoors?

A: While the brass construction of commercial faucets tends to be resistant and durable, we recommend using kitchen faucets exclusively inside. They could stand outdoor use but will probably wear, rust, and corrode faster than indoors.

Q: Can a commercial faucet come with touchless sensors?

A: Yes, similarly to standard versions, most commercial faucets can also come with touchless sensors. But of course, these faucets are larger so the sensors may not work as effectively as in a regular model.

Q: Do I need to hire an expert to install a commercial faucet in my kitchen?

A: No. Most commercial kitchen faucets demand the same installation effort than typical models. However, they tend to be heavy and a little larger than standard faucets so they may be a bit more uncomfortable to install.

We recommend using all the necessary tools including screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, Teflon tape and the hardware that comes with the faucet.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Most commercial faucets are very alike, but depending on the brand & features, they will differ exponentially. For us, it all comes down to a product that delivers excellent results without emptying your wallet.

That’s why we think the Kraus Bolden is the option you should go for.

With its incredibly affordable cost and amazing overall build & design, you won’t get any better product out there. This faucet will last a lifetime while delivering exceptional performance.

It won’t disappoint you in any way, even for its incredible price.


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