Best Delta Kitchen Faucets of 2019

Delta is a fantastic plumbing brand, but when it comes to faucets they steal the show entirely. This brand won’t disappoint you even in the slightest, and the following products will let you know precisely why.

1. Delta Faucet Leland (With Touch2O)

Delta Faucet LelandComing in Arctic Stainless, Venetian Bronze, Chrome and the amazing Spotshield Stainless finish that prevents hand and finger marks – this faucet is an option not to dismiss. But it is not on how it looks and how it feels but in the amazing touchless system that you get the exceptional results it offers.

The system is not really touchless but Touch2O. This means you won’t have to necessarily pull a lever or move a knob to open the faucet. Just touch the spot in any part, and it will start letting water out.

The best of all, it will tell you how hot or cold the water is with a TempSense LED indicator, which makes it one of the most convenient faucets in the market.

Its pull-down system is also amazing. Boasting a ShieldSpray technology, you can use a powerful stream that cleans even the most stubborn of stuck food in cookware. Alongside the strong spray you also get a regular stream, making the faucet completely versatile according to your needs.

The pull-down spray-head stays attached to the spout using MagnaTite Docking, a system with magnetic force that makes the hose reliable & easy to use. However, this pull-down has a 20-inches reach, making it more flexible than most options out there.

When it comes to durability, this tap won’t let you down either. The Diamond Seal Technology prevents leaking and lasts for many years, more than standard faucets. And when you add the superb energy efficiency that makes six AA batteries last up to two years, this faucet becomes a perfect option.

Let’s not forget it’s also effortless to install. It fits practically any sink design including single-hole and triple-hole configurations. What’s even better, it comes with InnoFLEX PEX supply lines that prevent leaking and make installation entirely straightforward.

  • Exceptional Touch2O system with TempSense LED indicator for handiness
  • Completely versatile pull-down design with 20-inches hose reach
  • Straightforward installation with InnoFLEX PEX supply lines & compatible design
  • Top-notch spray performance with ShieldSpray technology and double-spray function

  • The lever can be a little problematic


2. Delta Faucet Leland (Standard Version)

Delta Faucet LelandThe Delta Leland is undoubtedly an excellent faucet in any of its version. Whether it is the Touch2O version or the standard one, it will always look, feel, and perform like many others do not. That’s what sets this incredible model apart, including its overall reliability, superb operation, and versatile performance.

One of the things that need to be part of this review is the durability & resilience it offers. The Diamond Seal Technology, for example, provides a leak-free experience and increases overall resistance of the product.

But it is the powerful and versatile spray hose with pull-down design that makes it really handy in every way. This technology works with ShieldSpray, a system that provides a superb stream strength that gets rid of stuck food easily.

The hose also has a button that helps to change between Spray and Stream options so you can use the faucet according to your needs.

This excellent spout hose is connected via magnetic force, using the MagnaTite Docking system. Helping not only to keep the spot head in place but making it easy to use and very reliable in the long torn. And of course, this adds a slight versatility advantage as well.

When it comes to installation, this product is a piece of cake. Boasting a 1 and 3-hole configuration, you can fit this faucet everywhere. And when you add the optional deck, you get an even more convenient product.

Let’s not forget it comes with the fantastic InnoFLEX PEX lines, which reduce installation effort and prevent water lines problems in the future.

Finally, this product is a total piece of cake to clean. With the Touch-Clean rubber spray head, you can clean the product very quickly, getting rid of buildup effectively. Add the SpotShield finish, and you’ll get an immaculate and rust resistant construction with a very stylish look.

  • Good-looking design with a very straightforward installation process
  • Exceptional spray-head with double-spray feature and superb ShieldSpray system
  • Very reliable construction with Diamond Seal & MagnaTite technologies
  • High-quality SpotShield finish provides a resistant & spot-free faucet

  • Spray head may not come back automatically back despite its magnetic docking system


3. Delta Faucet Essa

Delta Faucet EssaAn incredibly smooth design with euro style, offering subtle details that provide a beautiful product in its entirety – the Delta Essa is a faucet you won’t dislike for sure. Coming in the same finishes as the Leland: Venetian Bronze, Arctic Stainless, Chrome, and the spot-free SpotShield Stainless – this faucet is also superbly reliable & functional.

It is not only made to good look though, as it also offers superb durability with the patented Diamond Seal Technology that prevents leaks while lasting many years without issues. It is the spray-head, however, that makes this product so amazing.

This head can swivel 360º degrees easily and provide a double-function spray, for when you want a standard stream or a more subtle spray.

The spray head comes with MagnaTite Docking system that keeps it attached to the spout. And what makes this hose even more amazing, is the Touch-Clean rubber spray holes, which make cleaning way easier & more straightforward than any other. Eventually, you will get rid of buildup and mineral particles with ease.

To install, you will only need to fit the product in either 1-hole or 3-hole sinks. However, it is the InnoFLEX PEX supply lines that make the whole process easier. And of course, these lines also help to provide a more leak-free experience with less hassle over time.

  • Outstanding design with three different finishes fit all types of kitchen styles
  • High-quality spray-head with MagnaTite Docking system & double-spray function
  • Really easy to clean with Touch-Clean rubber & seamless finish
  • Compatible & easy-to-install build with excellent InnoFLEX PEX supply lines

  • Stream spray function may provide too much pressure which creates a sudden splash

Things That Make the Perfect Delta Kitchen Faucet

Most of these taps are pretty similar, so finding the high quality Delta kitchen faucet can be a challenging task. To make it easier for you, here we talk about a few features that will probably set the bad products from the best – take a look!


There are several technologies you can get with a Delta faucet. However, there are two main ones you should always look for that will promote a superb experience.

These are the Touch2O and the TempSense. Both will support a convenient and effortless experience, and you should always consider a faucet that has either or both of these.

The TouchO2 feature, for example, helps to turn on the faucet with a single touch on the spout. This way, you won’t have to pull a lever or turn a knob to use the product.

With the TempSense, you get the chance to watch the temperature of the faucet in a LED indicator. This goes from Blue or Magenta to Red depending on the temperature level.


Apart from having exceptional construction with stainless steel that lasts for years, there are additional build-related quirks that make Delta faucets stand out. We recommend going for taps that offer the Touch-Clean and the Diamond Seal technology.

While the Touch-Clean refers to rubber spray holes that prevent buildup and are easier to clean than metal holes, the Diamond Seal promotes a more reliable & durable experience with zero leaks. Don’t overlook faucets with any of these features.


Venetian Bronze, Chrome, Arctic Stainless, and the magnificent SpotShield Stainless – these are the main finishes Delta offers with its faucets. For us, each one fits a specific kitchen style and will undoubtedly last a lifetime with the right care.

However, it is the SpotShield finish that takes the cake here. With the ability to prevent buildup and reduce fingerprint marks, this finish is more expensive than others but a great option to have.


Always remember to go for the easiest to use and handiest spray head possible. As most Delta faucet come with pull-down designs, it’s critical to go for the right spray-head capacity.

Here we recommend going for a dual-action model with two spray modes. This will be very convenient in the long term. And for features, we recommend ShieldSpray, a magnificent mode that increases water flow so you can get more rinsing power.

Finally, make sure the spray head is connected to the spout with the right mechanism. MagnaTite, from Delta, is the technology to go for. Pick these features accordingly, and you’ll get a more useful faucet in every way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have doubts before buying, and these doubts can be very decisive on whether you want the product or not. Here are some answers for doubts you may have.

Q: Do I need to do maintenance on a Delta faucet?

A: To any faucet you have, maintenance will always be ideal. Doing this gets rid of mineral deposits and buildup, reduces the possibility of rust and corrosion, and eventually makes the product look great.

For Delta faucets, we recommend using a cloth damped in a mix of vinegar and water. After cleaning the spout entirely with the fabric, then you can use a dry one to get rid of excess. And that’s it.

Q: Can the finish of a Delta faucet deteriorate?

A: Deterioration either by corrosion, rush or tarnish is common after several years of use. But this could also happen by using damaging chemicals, hitting the spout, and never cleaning when there’s food or any type of build in the product.

Q: Do I need an electrician or plumber to install a Touch2O Delta faucet?

A: The installation of all Delta faucets is the same, even with a specific technological feature such as Touch2O. While this process is similar in many ways, you will have to connect additional wires to the product, and that’s it.

Just make sure to read the indications thoroughly, and you’ll have no problem installing your Touch2O faucet.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

They all look and feel similarly, provide an outstanding experience in every way, and even come with similar features. But when it comes to Delta faucets, there’s no better choice than the Delta Leland with Touch2O feature.

With its amazing single-touch technology and excellent TempSense features, you will have what other Delta taps have, but with a very handy feature you won’t find anywhere else. The Delta Leland is undoubtedly one of the great faucets you will find, and an option you don’t want to ignore.


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