Best Kitchen Faucets in 2019 | Top Contenders of All Kinds

Whether it’s updating your kitchen or just building one from scratch, a faucet that works well and looks terrific is always the thing to go for.Depending on what you choose, you’ll get a different design, performance, ease of use, and overall experience. But with so many options out there, getting the ideal one may not be so easy.That’s why it’s always useful to search for the best kitchen faucets in the market. In this article, we bring them to you; faucets of all kinds, so you can have a wide array of choices to pick from.

If you are looking for a new faucet and want the highest-quality available – then going through this article will be your best idea.

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Types of Kitchen Faucets

Before going over the different models available, it’s important to know first what types of faucets you will encounter. Well, below are all kinds of kitchen faucets you will find in this article.


Maybe the most common of all kitchen faucets, the single-hole is usually a regular-sized product that just uses one hole in the countertop or sink. It needs little to no installation effort and only requires the turn of a handle or knob to open and be used.

The single-hole stands out for its simplicity without leaving behind convenience and attractive designs.


A single-handle – as its name says – works with only one handle. This handle or knob, whether it’s at the side, on top, or attached to the tube of the faucet, is the one that controls the whole water flow in the product.

A single-handle loses the advantage of temperature tweaking which double-handle faucets have. They still demand little effort to install and offer a pretty straightforward operation.


The touchless faucets are the ones that use sensors to open and close. This means you won’t have to necessarily turn the handle to use it. Most of them come with motion sensors that turn the faucet on with a single touch on any part of the faucet.

Others demand a specific movement above or over the faucet outlet, and that’s it. As a downside, they will need electricity to work correctly.


The most efficient and most pressure-oriented type in the list, the commercial faucets are the one that works really well in businesses and places where effectiveness is essential.

Many restaurants have this type of faucet alongside designs for pull-out and pull-down models and several tweaks for temperature & pressure.


When a faucet looks as a regular one but the main hose can be detached towards you, it means it is a pull-out faucet. It works really well as an extension, reaching different angles for different purposes.

These pull-out faucets have a hose that points up, which means you can reach places like the top of the sink rim that you can’t reach with other taps.


Similarly to a pull-out, this one has a detachable hose. However, this model comes with the hose pointing down. This means you will have the versatility the pull-out offers, but only towards the sink.

So the pull-down is an excellent choice for people who want a little more versatility but not too much so it can reach beyond the sink but not behind it.

Overall Say from the Editor

When you are renewing your kitchen or just replacing an old or broken faucet, there’s nothing better than going for options that are worth it. You may like to read Best Kitchen Sinks Reviews

That’s why we brought the best kitchen faucets of all kinds to this article, after reviewing, considering features, looks, and performances of each.

If you want any kind of faucet, you will find it in this article. However, we think there’s nothing more important than knowing exactly what you want and what you need.

So, before choosing the product of your liking, make sure it fits your necessities first. Then, you’ll surely pick the ideal faucet.