Best Kohler Kitchen Faucets of 2019

Kohler is arguably among the most famous brand about plumbing products, worldwide. This means Kohler always delivers the quality and performance you need. And when it comes to faucets, they don’t leave anything to be desired.

From style to features and even for their prices, Kohler faucets are excellent in every way. Here, we talk about three of the best this brand offers.

1. Kohler K-560-VS Bellera

Kohler K-560-VS BelleraFunctionality and versatility alongside one of the most sleek-looking designs in the market, that’s what the Bellera faucet from Kohler offers. This is an excellent example of what Kohler provides as a plumbing-related manufacturer, a pull-down faucet with a high-arc that not only looks good but delivers superb handiness.

The high-arc spout boasts a 3-function spray-head with a pull-down wand. This will help you reach different places more easily around the sink while offering the chance to use the Boost spray, the Sweep Spray or the Pause, for convenience.

And that’s not all, you also get a totally 360º movable head, thanks to the ProMotion technology, so you get even more flexibility.

This spout also comes with DockNetik, a magnetic system that keeps the hose attached. Eventually, this makes it easy to use and much more comfortable, adding a specific rate of safety as well. The installation process, on the other hand, is completely straightforward.

Using a versatile 1 or 3-hole build, you can install this faucet on any sink without issues. When it comes to durability and resilience, this faucet also stands out. With the corrosion and tarnish free finish, it will always look neat and clean.

Similarly, the spray-head comes with MasterClean system, which helps to maintain the hose clean and free of buildup. Add the ceramic disc valves in the knob, and you’ll get a fantastic product that lasts for years without issues.

  • Versatile design provides great spout head movement & useful 3-function spray
  • Superb construction with corrosion & rust free materials alongside DockNetik system
  • Very stylish look fits any type of kitchen style with its three different finishes
  • Entirely straightforward installation saves time and effort

  • Spray mode switch button can be a little problematic


2. Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts

Kohler K-99259-VS ArtifactsOne of the handiest in the market as well as one of the most durable, the Kohler Artifacts is an option you don’t want to overlook. Boasting a vintage look with several modern features, this faucet looks really good in almost any kitchen.

And with the top-notch quirks it offers, you will get an amazing experience without a doubt. One of the things you have to consider when viewing this faucet, however, is the ability to spray in three different modes.

You have the BerrySoft spray that delivers a gentle sprig. Then you have the Sweep spray that creates a wide blade of water to reach more places. And with the Aerated spray, you can fill pots easily with a strong and consistent blow.

But the ability to spray in three modes is not what makes it so good, but the capacity of the head to provide a free movement with swiveling ball joint. The ProMotion technology helps to use the pull-down feature much more conveniently.

Add the DockNetik docking system, and you’ll receive a magnetic force to prevent the spray-head from dropping or getting loose.

The best feature of all in this faucet, though, is the MasterClean technology. This technology makes the spray-head totally resistant to mineral corrosion and prevents buildup which eventually increases overall durability & resilience of the product.

  • Incredibly convenient three-function head for different spray patterns
  • Excellent ProMotion technology makes the spray head more versatile
  • Superb MasterClean technology prevents mineral buildup and prevents corrosion
  • Reliable overall build with useful DockNetik system for magnetic force with spray-head

  • Very expensive


3. KOHLER K-596-CP Simplice

KOHLER K-596-CP SimpliceA Kohler Simplice is one of the most beautiful and functional faucets you will find. Having the capacity to spray in different ways, provide a straightforward installation method, and providing exceptional versatility with its pull-down design – you won’t get as much quality as this easily.

For that and much more, this is one of the top-rated faucets to consider if you want quality over anything else. One of the main features of it is the pull-down spout. Having this wand helps to clean stuff more effectively and reach over the sink without issues.

But the spray-head located in the spout comes with additional advantages, including the 3-function mode which provides three types of spray including Boost, Sweep and normal stream.

Another exciting part of this pull-down hose is the excellent construction. Using DockNetik system, this hose attaches firmly to the spout using magnetic force. Apart from that, you get ProMotion technology. This helps the hose head to move freely in a 360º angle, making the cleaning process a lot more versatile.

When it comes to overall build, this faucet also stands out. Add the ceramic disc valves that prevent leaks and flow loss. Add the MasterClean Sprayface, and you’ll have a unique set that reduces buildup and maintains the product clean at all times.

To finish its excellent build, you get three premium finishes, each one completely tarnishes and corrosion resistant for a more durable faucet.

For installation, this faucet won’t be a problem either. The flexible supply lines it comes with alongside the versatile 1 or 3-hole compatibility will make this faucet a total piece of cake to mount.

  • Top-notch installation method with flexible supply lines & compatibility with different sinks
  • Completely versatile pull-down hose with DockNetik System & ProMotion feature
  • Outstanding 3-function spray mode that offers a more convenient performance
  • Exceptional build features with stylish and well-made finishes for superb durability & resistance

  • Spray head may start leaking after a few years


Things That Make the Perfect Kohler Kitchen Faucet

Once you are closer to know which one is the top Kohler kitchen faucet, you start thinking whether you are right or not. To clear any doubt, here we have some factors you need to consider before buying.


The spray hose of Kohler faucets is one of the most versatile & handiest in the market. This spray allows superb reach and makes overall performance way easier. For Kohler faucets, this almost always comes in a pull-down design. So, we recommend all designs that come with it, especially the touchless ones.

However, it is not only the design of the spout spray that stands out, but the unusual features it has. You will have to consider whether you want magnetic dockings such as DockNetik, and a versatile ProMotion head with excellent mobility or its variants.

Another great feature to look for is the MasterClean spray-face that keeps the head clean, and the superb 3-function spray for three stream modes.


Kohler is one of the brands with the most finish availabilities out there. These finishes are not only superbly beautiful and make each model fit a specific type of kitchen style, but also resist corrosion, rust, and tarnish.

Some of them, like the Vibrant models, come with an outstanding scratch-resistant capacity, which adds to the overall resistance & durability of the product.

The most common finishes in Kohler kitchen faucets are the Polished Chrome for elegant looks, the Vibrant Stainless for a more resistant & shiny finish, and the Oil-Rubbed Bronze, that makes it durable but traditional-looking as well.


Apart from looks and functionality, the installation ease of the product is a critical part to consider. Here, we recommend going for the faucets that fit your sink. This is mostly about the number of holes. Most sinks come with either 1 or 3 holes.

And so, your faucet must be compatible with either one accordingly. Some of them are compatible with both.

Kohler faucets, however, are generally 1-hole models. But the exciting part is that they come with an additional attachment that makes them work with 3-hole sinks without looking badly. This way, you get a better product overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

These taps are amazing for sure, but they may confuse you with their features and overall designs. This could create doubts eventually and harm your experience. To get rid of these doubts, here you have common questions with their answers.

Q: Are Kohler faucets resistant enough to be used outdoors?

A: No, Kohler kitchen taps can only be used indoors. They have excellent construction to last for years, but sadly they don’t hold exterior factors as effectively as other outdoor-oriented products out there.

Q: Can I remove build-up from the Kohler faucet?

A: Kohler faucets may eventually create some buildup in the head, hose, or body of the product. To remove this buildup, we recommend using a small towel or paper cloth and damp it in 50/50 solution.

Make sure to wrap this tower around the part that has the buildup and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Then remove the towel counterclockwise with rubber gloves to get rid of buildup.

Q: Can the spray functions in the pull-down hose of Kohler faucets cause trouble?

A: As some faucets from Kohler offer a spray head with several functions, there’s a low chance of getting a defective or slightly problematic hose.

Most of the time, however, these problems are related to the buttons that are worn out or a button that’s missing. Dirt, rust, corrosion, and buildup may also be the problem, but that’s very unlikely. Try to the clean the faucet thoroughly, and you may fix the problem.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Kohler faucets will provide a fantastic experience, no matter which one you pick. But if it comes to buying the best option, we can’t recommend any other option than the Kohler Artifacts.

It is a well-made product with a superbly resistant & durable build that does not leave functionality & style behind. If you want a product that delivers what it’s supposed to, the Kohler Artifacts is the option to go for.


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