Best Moen Kitchen Faucets of 2019

Moen is one of the most prestigious brands in the market, and all this prestige is translated into a series of high-quality models for both the budget user and the most demanding customer.

Finding the best models yourself can be a problem, so we decided to bring three and review them. Take a look to find out more about them!

1. Moen Arbor (Touchless)

Moen ArborWant a touchless Moen faucet? The Arbor is probably the best option you will find. With a convenient operation and the ability to provide excellent water flow, this faucet will not disappoint anyone. Even the most demanding users will find it a great choice, especially for its ease of installation, flexible design and very efficient performance.

First, let’s just say this is one of the few touchless models that come with a two-sensor system. This MotionSense feature helps users to operate the faucet without touching anything. One sensor is at the top and one in the base, providing superb accuracy that prevents the use of dirty hands in the product.

Another great ability is the pull-down wand, which not only promotes more versatility when using with its 68-inches long hose but incredible reliability with the Reflex system that keeps the wand hooked up.

Add the useful double-spray system, and you’ll get the chance to rinse with an aerated stream or a powerful rinse according to your needs.

This spray also comes with Power Clean technology. This means you can use 50% more water to provide a powerful rinse, which is way stronger than most faucets out there. The technology also reduces splashes and helps to clean objects more effectively.

The amazing installation of this faucet with the Duralock quick-connect feature saves time and effort. Especially when you consider the 1 or 3-hole compatibility, so you can install it in more sinks. With the spot-resistance stainless finish, you’ll receive a fantastic product that prevents unwanted finger marks and corrosion.

  • Useful long pull-down wand with Reflex system provides excellent versatility
  • Convenient Power Clean technology helps to clean effectively & prevent disasters
  • Totally reliable stainless steel build with Duralock installation system for convenience
  • Incredibly accurate & reliable MotionSense touchless feature with two sensors

  • Low flow doesn’t provide as much water pressure as expected


2. Moen Arbor (Standard)

Moen ArborThe Arbor is undoubtedly a model that looks well on any kitchen. Whether it is the stainless steel version, the bronze style, chrome or in matte black design – you will surely find an ideal option in this model.

Coming with a 15.50 inches high spout and a very interesting 68-inches pull-down wand, this faucet doesn’t let you down. Let’s not forget it also comes with a Spot-Resist stainless finish, which not only helps to prevent fingerprints marks but also reduces overall corrosion & rust while preventing buildup.

But it is not how it looks that makes it so amazing, but the incredible performance it offers. This faucet comes with a Power Clean spray technology which provides 50% more water power than other models from Moen.

When you use this boost, cleaning dishes and cookware will be a piece of cake making the elimination of buildup or stuck food easy.

The spot it comes with is another excellent addition. With the 68-inches pull-down wand, you’ll receive top-notch flexibility so you can reach different places in the sink and above it. Whether it is for cleaning sturdy objects or to clean the countertop, this faucet won’t disappoint.

Add the useful Reflex system that puts the hose in its place automatically, and you get a very convenient feature. For installation, you won’t have to spend much of your time or effort.

Boasting the Duralock quick-connect system, you’ll install the faucet in a matter of minutes without issues. And with the versatile design that fits in either 1-hole or 3-hole sinks, this faucet is a perfect option for anyone.

  • Beautiful Arbor design with different finishes provides a more stylish product
  • Very convenient pull-down feature with 68-inches hose & Reflex system
  • Straightforward installation with Duralock & 1 or 3-hole compatibility
  • Excellent Spot-Resist finish for more durability and resilience

  • Could leak in the base when there’s too much water pressure

3. Moen Align

Moen AlignFrom performance to overall versatility, the Align is not only one of the best Moen faucets to have, but one of the best in this article.

With the ability to look outstandingly well in any of its three finishes: matte black, chrome or spot-resist stainless steel – this product provides a magnificent experience no matter where and how you use it.

The main feature and main reason this faucet is so amazing is the ability to reach four times what other pull-down hoses do. This ultra-flexible hose makes overall performance much more convenient so you can clean any object effortlessly.

This pull-down wand still has a few features to offer, including the two-spray mode that provides an aerated stream for soft rinse, and a powerful rinse using PowerClean technology.

With this technology and spray mode, you can achieve 50% more water flow than with most Moen faucets, making it perfect for cleaning stuck food or hard-to-remove dirt & dust. When it comes to design, it will not only look good but offers a functional set of features.

First, the 22.5-inches spout neck comes with 10-inches reach when the wand is docked. Not only this helps to reach farther objects but also makes cleaning more efficient.

Finally, you have an astonishing Duralock quick-connect system making overall installation pretty straightforward. And with the streamlined design, you will not have many hoses below the countertop for even more convenience.

  • Very long spout with pull-down wand offers outstanding flexibility
  • Top-notch dual-spray function provides either a soft or hard rinsing capacity
  • Superb PowerClean technology increases overall water flow & power
  • Incredibly easy-to-install design with Duralock system

  • Plastic wand head loses a little quality & resilience over time


Things That Make the Perfect Moen Kitchen Faucets

Even though the good Moen kitchen faucets are all very similar, there are still many things to learn about them. Here, we mention vital factors that make the difference between each Moen tap.

Handle Type

Here you can find a single-handle faucet that only has one lever to push up and down and let the water run or not. Then you can find the double-handle, which instead has two handles, usually one for hot water and the other for cold water.

And finally, you have the touchless version, which can be used without touching the faucet using the responsive MotionSense technology from Moen.

Arc Type

Here you can find high-arc faucet which frequently reaches more than 10 inches in height. These offer more space in the sink. Low-arc faucets let water reach the sink faster, yet they reduce overall space exponentially which can be a problem.

Wand Feature

Always go for a Moen faucet that comes with either pull-out or pull-down option. These convenient hoses help not only to reach different places but also to clean more effectively, especially with large cookware and utensils.

Spray Functions

Moen faucets tend to offer the chance to pick between two or three spray modes. This way, you get an even more useful faucet that works according to your needs. Pair this up with the helpful wand, and you get a fantastic Moen product.


The installation holes in the sink will tell you whether the products fit well on your kitchen or not. Make sure the Moen faucet you pick not only fits the sink in your kitchen, but also looks well on it.

Style & Finish

Moen normally offers three finishes: the modern style that comes with chrome finish. Looks well and fits all kinds of modern kitchens.

Then you have the transitional style, normally with a matte black color that fits different types of kitchen styles with a versatile touch. And then you have the traditional style which normally comes with a spot-resist finish that looks good and prevents finger marks & buildup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to pick your ideal faucet but still not sure whether it’s the right choice? Well, you may have some doubts still. Here, we answer some of the most common ones.

Q: How do I clean Spot-Resist finishes in Moen faucets?

A: A Spot-Resist finish is more resistant and durable than others, yet it still needs special care when it comes to cleaning. You’ll need only to use a damped cloth with soapy water. Then clean with soft touches.

Always prevent the use or corrosive, abrasive or chemical solvents that could damage the finish.

Q: Can I increase the flow of water in my Moen faucet?

A: While in most countries Moen does not reduce overall water flow of their products, in the USA there’s a law that prevents this brand from creating products without reducing flow.

But still, you can quickly increase the water flow by taking the O-ring out, and pressure will increase. If it does not, it’s probably because you have a blockage or faucet malfunction.

Q: Is there a way to prevent the hose of my Moen faucet from getting stuck?

A: Whether it is because the docking system stopped working or because there are too many hoses under the sink – you can always fix & prevent a stuck hose.

Using the Hose Management System, you can modify your faucet’s wand to fit your specific needs and avoid this problem.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Both Moen Arbor, touchless and standard versions are pretty handy & reliable. However, it is the Moen Align that will provide the best experience.

With its amazing Power Clean technology and extra-long feature with more flexibility, there’s no doubt this is the better choice. If you prefer a touchless version, the Moen Arbor will do just fine.


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