Best Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets of 2019

Pull-out models are incredibly useful as kitchen faucets, yet they are not perfect. Luckily for you, we know exactly how to pick the ideal pull-out tap. Here, we go over three models and a small buying guide to help you get the right one.

1. Moen 7294SRS Arbor

Moen 7294SRS ArborIt’s not easy to find pull-out models that look amazing as the Moen Arbor does. Coming with a sophisticated style and providing great functionality, you can get a lot from this faucet. Entirely straightforward to use and with a single-handle design, this product is undoubtedly an option you don’t want to overlook.

The most exciting part of the design is an excellent finish. While you can pick a Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze or Matte Black, it is the Spot Resist Stainless finish that makes it unique. This way, it prevents water spots looks shinier and does not mark fingerprints that can change its look so much.

But surely, this finish also prevents buildup, corrosion, and rust very effectively. It offers everything you could need in a faucet and more. The 2-spray function is one of them, providing a pull-out wand that can give either an aerated stream for slow rinsing or a powerful rinse for heavy-duty cleaning.

And to make it even better, this spray-head comes with a pause button, so you get superb convenience. Add the Reflex system for automatic docking, and you get a better experience.

Apart from its build and design, you get an exceptional HydroLock installation system. This faucet not only fits really fast & easy in any sink due to its 1 or 3-hole compatibility, but it also offers a Duralock Quick Connect system, that makes supply line installation entirely straightforward.

You just need to wait for the visual, tactile and audible confirmation to know that the product is installed correctly.

  • Beautiful design and finish including Spot Resist Stainless for cleanliness
  • High-quality installation system including HydroLock & Duralock features
  • Versatile spout turns 360º with two-function spray and pause button
  • Long 68-inches braided hose provides unbeatable flexibility

  • Single handle design makes it a little difficult to change temperature settings


2. Pfister Pfirst Series

Pfister Pfirst SeriesIf you are on a short budget but still want a high-quality faucet that won’t let you down, the Pfirst Series form Pfister is probably your best option. As a pull-out model, this great faucet provides excellent versatility and makes overall cleaning operation in the kitchen very easy & straightforward.

And still, it manages to look really good and adds a stylish touch to any kitchen design. It works well as a quick replacement for old faucets that don’t work, or as a cheap but reliable option for a new kitchen. As it fits any type of sink including 1 and 3 hole ones, you won’t have to worry about installation.

And with the high-arc design and 6.25-inches spout height – you can install it practically anywhere without issues. Even more so, when you add the deck-plate & 180º swivel joint.

But it is not the spout height or design that stands out the most, but the superb pullout ability with 38-inches long hose. You’ll be able to reach farther away from the sink than with any other product in the market. This way, you achieve exceptional versatility making cleaning and overall operation effortless.

You can also switch between spray and stream modes, so you get even more handiness. The construction of this faucet is also unusual. Boasting a lead-free and rust-resistant brass build with ceramic disc valve for fewer leaks & excellent nylon supply lines, this faucet will never let you down.

All of that at such an astonishing price make this product one of the best all around.

  • Outstanding high-quality brass build with great finishes at an unbeatable cost
  • Excellent hose reach at 38-inches for a versatile yet easy experience
  • Superb spray-head design with two modes for better cleaning results
  • Exceptional leak-free build with ceramic disc valves & nylon supply lines

  • The hose is not as long as expected


3. KOHLER K-10433-VS Forte

KOHLER K-10433-VS ForteA transitional style with a modern look, the Kohler Forte is made not only for users who want a beautiful faucet but those who want a highly versatile design.

Coming in five different finishes including Brushed or Polished Chrome, Vibrant Brushed Nickel or Bronze, and Vibrant Stainless – you can match it with any kitchen and get its astoundingly useful features.

You’ll get a 9-inches spout reach with a 25-inches flexible hose for superb versatility. This pull-out function comes with a 2-mode spray, perfect for rinsing and cleaning. The spout also boasts the DockNetic system for magnetic docking, added to the MasterClean technology that prevents buildup and makes cleaning effortless.

The construction is also top-notch with ceramic disc valves to prevent leaks, provides smooth operation, and elongates the lifespan of the product. Alongside premium metal construction with exceptional finishes that promote a lead-free, corrosion and scratch resistant product – this unit has merely no competitor.

Let’s not forget it also comes with a fantastic easy-to-install design, which makes it compatible with one or three-hole sinks. It also comes with an escutcheon and a deck plate so you can install it quickly and without wasting your time.

  • Excellent design for a stylish look with several finishes fit all kinds of kitchens
  • Straightforward operation with single-handle design & useful 25-inches pull-out feature
  • Top-notch spray-head with two-mode sprays & superb MasterClean feature
  • Unmatched metal construction with straightforward installation system

  • Plastic spray-head can drip & tarnish with time

Things That Make the Perfect Pull-out Kitchen Faucets

Getting the right pull-out kitchen faucet will not be easy, especially when you have a few options to choose from. However, it gets even harder when you don’t know what to look for. To make this buying process less stressing, here we bring some critical factors to consider.

Hose & Spray

Every pull-out faucet comes with a hose or wand that separates from the spout. This hose adds outstanding versatility, but it should be reliable enough to provide a great experience.

That’s why it’s essential to go for metal spray-heads and choose models with useful ceramic cartridges and rubber spray holes if possible.

It’s critical also to have a great spray function. Whether it is two functions for low pressure and one for high pressure, or a pause button, and so on – this makes the faucet much more functional than others.

The same happens with length, as we recommend going for hoses no shorter than 15 inches.


Whether it is brass or stainless steel, make sure to pick a pull-out faucet that can stand the years and prevent issues such as abrasion, rust, corrosion, and mineral buildup while offering a lead-free experience. But apart from the materials, you also have specific parts to consider.

These parts can be the compression valves, the sealing system, the spray-head construction, and the handle build. We always recommend going for the best options possible. Diamond and ceramic valves are exceptional, patented sealing systems will make the faucet more reliable, and the right handle will prevent unwanted operation – that’s what you should consider.


Make sure the pull-out faucet you pick is easy to install or at least comes with everything needed for it. Here, we recommend going for designs that fit different types of sinks, including 1-hole and 3-hole configurations. And surely, they should come with their own escutcheon or deck-plate if needed.

Apart from that, make sure it comes with a straightforward set of supply lines. This will not only ensure an easier installation but also make the product much more reliable in the long term.


Every faucet has a finish, and pull-out ones also rely on this part for resistance & durability, and most importantly, for looks. If you want your pull-out faucet to look well in your stylish kitchen, make sure to pick the right finish.

Most common finishes go from Stainless to Bronze, Matte, Nickel, and Chrome. Each one offers their own style to fit different kitchen looks. However, they also provide different construction functions, especially those with stainless or spot-resist features. These add an excellent resistance coating to the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

While reading some reviews and learning more about them in depth is useful, there are still many doubts you could still have. Here, we bring some of them with their respective answers.

Q: Should I do maintenance on my pull-out faucet?

A: Yes, it’s vital to do sporadic maintenance on your faucet to keep it clean and reduce the rate of issues.

We recommend cleaning it with warm water, soap and/or vinegar using a damp cloth, especially in critical areas such as the levers, handles, and spray-heads. Make sure to dry the product after cleaning with a wet cloth, this will prevent spots & chemical damage.

Q: What happens when a pull-out faucet provides low water pressure?

A: This is a common issue with pull-out and pull-down faucets. This mostly happens due to the spray-heads which can get clogged or damaged with time. We recommend cleaning the product with white vinegar and hot water every three months.

This way, you can get rid of mineral buildup and other contaminants that could harm and clog the faucet thus reducing water pressure.

Q: Can the hose of my pull-out faucet get stuck in the below cabinet?

A: Yes, this also happens with pull-down faucets most of the time. This occurs when there are too many supply lines with broken hoses, or with large hoses that get caught with other things.

Several brands such as Moen, offer a Hose Management System as an additional item. It helps to get rid of obstructions and accommodate your faucet in the below cabinet without issues.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

In this list, we wanted to focus on quality, functionality and overall performance. But when a product is too cheap for what it offers, we can’t say no to it.

The Pfister Pfirst Series pull-out faucet is precisely that product, an affordable and still magnificently useful & reliable product to have.

While it doesn’t have the construction quality, features, and does not offer the performance others in this list offer – it’s still an outstanding choice as a pull-out tap. You shouldn’t dismiss it for just how it looks.


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