Best Single Handle Kitchen Faucets of 2019

Coming with only one handle or lever, these faucets tend to be really convenient to use, versatile for cleaning, and straightforward to install.

Both the water-flow control and the temperature control come in the same handle so they may not be an option for everyone. Similarly, there are many options to choose from, so here we talk about three we think are the best.

1. Delta Faucet Essa (Standard)

Delta Faucet EssaFor single-handle faucets, there aren’t many options as useful & good-looking as the Essa from Delta. This modern faucet with a smooth finish providing a Euro-style will fit a wide array of kitchen configurations easily. And while it looks terrific, it’s the exceptional functionality that makes this faucet so amazing.

We’ll start with its spray function, coming with the pull-down hose that provides two spray options for Spray and Stream. Each one works for specific needs, whether it is cleaning or filling pots and glasses.

This hose is also reliable and well-made, especially with the MagnaTite system that docks the wand in the spot with magnetic strength, reducing accidents and increasing overall usability.

Despite being very useful, this spray is also easy to clean. Boasting Touch-Clean holes made of rubber, you won’t have to spend more than a few seconds cleaning the product. This also reduces the amount of buildup you get over time.

Alongside its ease of maintenance, you can enjoy its magnificently durable build, boasting the Diamond Seal Technology that prevents leaks and makes installation way easy.

Pair this up with the straightforward 1-hole and 3-hole installation design and the InnoFLEX PEX supply lines, and you’ll have one of the most convenient faucets out there.

Add the four different finishes it comes with, and you’ll have an excellent product entirely. Here you find the Venetian Bronze that adds a traditional dark look, the Matte Black for a modern dark style, Chrome for a shiny finish, and Arctic Stainless that looks sophisticated with a resistant coating.

  • Beautiful design with four different finishes to choose from
  • Superb spray-head quality with double-spray function & MagnaTide Docking system
  • Excellent Diamond Seal Technology with Touch-Clean head for a durable & clean experience
  • Versatile & efficient installation system with InnoFLEX PEX supply lines

  • Spout reach at 20 inches can be too high for most kitchen sinks

2. Delta Faucet Essa (Touch2O)

Delta Faucet EssaEssa will always be one of the single-handle faucets with highest-quality builds in the market. But the Essa from Delta also offers an additional advantage: it comes with a Touch2O feature. This function works similar to a touchless faucet, making it easy to open and close with a single touch on any part of its spout.

You won’t have to touch the lever or knob with your hands dirty, just do it with a slight tap with your wrist, forearm, elbow or the back of your hand, and that’s it.

And what’s even better, this Touch2O feature does not only come with the touchless function but also with a TempSense LED indicator. This indicator will tell you the temperature with colors, from RED to BLUE.

Having this feature means the product will need electricity. Well, here you can enjoy a simple six AA batteries operation. The faucet is so efficient, however, that you can enjoy its Touch2O feature for up to 2 years before batteries drain. Otherwise, you can always get an AC adapter as a separate purchase.

Apart from its excellent touchless function, you can also enjoy a pull-down hose that reaches up to 20 inches without issues. Alongside the MagnaTite docking system and a fantastic Touch-Clean rubber spray-head feature, you can enjoy a superbly reliable & clean product.

This faucet is also durable, especially with the Diamond Seal Technology that makes leaks almost impossible. Corrosion and rust are also less likely to occur in crevices. Add this to the superb InnoFLEX PEX supply lines, and you’ll get a completely reliable product in every way.

Finally, it comes how easy it is to install. With the Duramount mounting system that fits either one or three holes sinks, you won’t get any faucet as easy to mount like this one.

  • High-quality Touch2O feature with TempSense LED for effortless & convenient operation
  • Comes with excellent TouchClean rubber spray-head and seamless design for easy cleaning
  • Very reliable build with MagnaTite and Diamond Seal Technology
  • Straightforward installation with Duramount system & InnoFLEX PEX Supply lines

  • Sensitive Touch2O feature may turn on and off with a very slight touch which can be frustrating


3. Delta Faucet Leland

Delta Faucet LelandLooks like all Delta faucets are excellent single-handle products, and guess what? They entirely are, and the Delta Leland is one of the best you can find in every way.

But apart from being a single-handle product, it is also a Touch2O faucet. This means you won’t have to necessarily touch the handle if you want to open the faucet. You just need to do it with your wrist, elbow or forearm in any part of the spot and that’s it.

And if you need to change temperature, it comes with an automatic TempSense LED that tells whether the water is hot or cold with different colors.

This faucet also comes with a pull-down hose, perfect for increased versatility & convenience. Attached to the spout with MagnaTite magnetic system, and with a superb dual-function spray – you will get a completely reliable and useful product.

To make it even better, this wand comes with ShieldSpray feature which increases water flow and provides the perfect stream for cleaning dishes and cookware.

The construction of this product is also a great thing to consider. With the Diamond Seal technology using the diamond ceramic disc, you will never experience a leak. And when you add the convenient Touch-Clean rubber spray-head, you get the chance to clean the product quickly and effectively.

Eventually, this gives you a more reliable and durable faucet. When it comes to installation, you will just have to fit it in a single or triple-hole sink, and that’s it, thanks to its Duramount system. Add the InnoFLEX PEX supply lines, and you’ll get one of the easiest to install faucets out there.

  • Useful Touch2O feature so you can use the faucet without touching the handle if needed
  • Superb construction with diamond ceramic disk and rubber spray-head
  • Exceptional installation system with Duramount and InnoFlex PEX supply lines
  • Functional & reliable pull-down hose with MagnaTite system & ShieldSpray technology

  • Handle may not function as expected

Things That Make the Perfect Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

If you are really trying to get the right single handle kitchen faucet, then you will have to learn a few things about them to make the right choice. Here, we talk about three factors that make all the difference between a bad and a good product.


First, remember that you are getting a single-handle product. This means you won’t have to install the faucet in a sink with more than just one hole. Eventually, this saves you time and effort when looking for a matching sink. It also makes the installation process easy.

However, if you already have a 3-hole or 2-hole sink installed, you can make it work with the optional adapters most faucets come with. If the product doesn’t come with an optional adaptor for 2 or 3 hole sinks, that’s not the option for you.

Also, consider the design of supply lines. It will tell you how easy it will be to mount and to maintain.

Useful Features

Most manufacturers and brands offer single-handle faucets that come with additional features, sometimes touchless or similar technological functions that add functionality to the product.

We recommend any sensor-oriented faucet out there, whether it is touchless or uses a single-touch open function, so you can operate the faucet without using your hands or pulling the lever.

Pull-down and pull-out hoses are also very useful in single-handle devices. They make the product much more versatile and convenient in the long term.


A single-handle faucet tends to be sleek and small enough not to bring attention, yet you will still want something that fits your kitchen style and that provides a resistant build. Here we recommend stainless versions if you want a modern look with exceptional durability.

Or instead, dark versions for more traditional looks that still offer superb resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, answering some common queries is more than obvious. Although you may have a question that isn’t answered here, we really tried to put the most frequent ones. Nonetheless, for any further ask, some Google searches might help!

Q: Is it possible to adjust the temperature with a single-handle faucet?

A: Yes, you can adjust the temperature in a single-handle faucet, but it’s not the most convenient process. Most of the time, handles/lever can move up and down to open and shut, but they can also move to the sides depending on the desired water temperature you want.

However, this process reduces temp accuracy and sometimes makes it a little hard & uncomfortable to do.

Q: Will my single-hand faucet close itself if needed?

A: Several single-handle faucets come with a self-shut feature. However, most of these products will not. If you want a convenient product that helps you save water, maybe going for a faucet with auto-shut feature will be useful.

Q: What can I do if my single-handle faucet leaks?

A: When a single-handle spout or hose leaks, it could be the cartridge, the O-ring or buildup in the faucet. We recommend cleaning the product entirely, searching for cracked O-ring and looking for a damaged or worn down cartridge.

If you find any of these is happening and fix it, you very likely fix the problem of dripping/leaking faucet.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

There are thousands of single-handle faucets in the market, but surely not all them will work the same way. In this list, we reviewed the three best options, and all of them are from Delta.

While they don’t differ much, we can easily say the Delta Leland with Touch2O feature is the one to go for. With its top-notch construction, excellent performance, and superb functionality, this faucet has no rival.


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