Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet of 2019

As you know already, a touchless faucet is the one that demands no direct contact to the handle or knob to open.

But they can vary a lot depending on the model and brand. There are also many types of touchless sensors, and they differ exponentially in accuracy & kind.

To make it easy for you when it comes to picking the right product, we’ve reviewed three of the best choices out there below.

1. Moen Brantford

Moen Brantford Made of spot-resistant stainless steel, the beautifully looking Brantford touchless faucet from Moen will give you a fantastic performance & experience. With the excellent MotionSense feature, you will be able to enjoy outstanding results without having to touch the product. Just pass the hand close to the outlet, and it will immediately let water out.

The best part about it, however, is that it comes with a pull-down wand so you can achieve superior versatility when cleaning. This hose is also self-retracting with the Reflex system so you won’t have to worry about it going back to its default place.

When it comes to design, the faucet also achieves a beautiful style, with its spot-resistant stainless steel that makes it perfect for both modern and traditional kitchens. And the material works really well to prevent water spots and fingerprints getting permanent in it.

The spout is 15.50 inches high which is pretty useful for most kitchens, making it easy to reach below and use it comfortably. And with its 7.87-inches reach, you will clean many different wares without issues.

Let’s not forget about the outstandingly convenient Duralock Quick Connect system. This helps to improve overall installation time and secure the faucet tightly to the sink. Boasting a single-hole build, you won’t need more than just a few minutes to install it.

The only problem with this faucet is that you’ll need six AA batteries to make it work. But if you have them and don’t have a problem finding them each time they drain out, this won’t be a problem at all. So, you get a wholly convenient and beautiful faucet that won’t let you down.

  • Attractive Brantford design provides a traditional style that also fits modern kitchens
  • Very resistant & well-made spot-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Superb MotionSense feature allows you to use the faucet without having to touch it
  • Incredibly handy pull-down hose with Reflex system offers excellent versatility

  • Needs six AA batteries which can be a little inconvenient for some users

2. KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate

KOHLER K-72218-VS SensateFrees your hands completely from handling the faucet, the Kohler Sensate is one of the most stylish yet still very convenient in every way. With pull-down feature, a reliable motion sensor system, and top-notch design, there’s little to nothing about this faucet to dislike.

Cleaning with it is a total piece of cake and a pleasure using the excellent Response technology that provides a handless operation. You’ll just need to pass or wave your hand, utensil or cookware close to the sensor and it will immediately turn the faucet on or off accordingly.

This feature is one of the newest in the market, so it provides a more reliable and error-free performance than others.

The faucet will also shut off itself after a few seconds of no use. This helps you to preserve water and energy. Add the DockNetik docking system, and you’ll have a completely reliable product that will always stay together using magnetic force.

You also get exceptional versatility with the ProMotion ability, helping the faucet to move freely in a 360º degree. Made of braided nylon, this MasterClean Sprayface resists mineral buildup and works very flexible to offer a superb experience.

Another significant advantage of this faucet is that it uses no batteries to power up. Its motion technology works with AC, which means you’ll have a more efficient & convenient product overall. Add the LED light that alerts you when it is operating for increased convenience, and you’ll get a top-notch device.

It comes in either polished chrome or stainless steel, each one providing an astounding style for different kitchen options. And with its totally spotless and corrosion free construction, you’ll get a superb product in every way.

  • Reliable Response touchless system prevents errors and shuts off automatically
  • Hugely convenient MasterClean Sprayface with ProMotion feature for increased flexibility
  • Excellent DockNetik docking system offers superb construction with magnetic force
  • Uses AC power to prevent the use of batteries which makes it more convenient

  • May turn on and off automatically with steam and other akin factors

3. Delta Faucet Leland

3. Delta Faucet LelandApart from its touchless ability, the Delta Leland is one of the most reliable in the market. Working exceptionally well and providing a handy Touch2O touchless system, you won’t believe how this faucet can make you happy without issues.

One of the vital parts about this product is how it looks. Boasting a traditional style with modern technology, you will obtain a sleek-looking faucet that fits a wide array of kitchens. It is just timeless and works with many colors effortlessly.

It comes in Chrome, Venetian Bronze, SpotShield Stainless, and an Arctic Stainless finish so you can make it work with your kitchen accordingly. But its design mainly stands out for its high-arc spout.

Reaching up to 20 inches, this spot comes with a hugely convenient pull-down faucet attached with MagnaTite Docking system that uses magnetic force. However, it is the ShieldSpray Technology that provides either spray or stream water flow that makes this faucet so amazing.

Another useful part of this faucet is the Diamond Seal Technology. This makes it one of the most reliable options out there, as it reduces overall installation time and effort, while also decreasing leak points & water issues.

Capable of fitting either 3-hole or single-hole sinks, this excellent faucet from Delta is undoubtedly an option you don’t want to dismiss. Add the fantastic TouchClean technology that uses soft-rubber spray holes to prevent buildup, and you’ll get a completely safe, resilient, and durable product.

Overall, it will make your life better, and your kitchen looks superb.

  • Sleek yet traditional look comes in four different finishes for different kitchen styles
  • Reliable construction with MagnaTite Docking system & Diamond Seal Technology
  • Offers a flexible performance with ShieldSpray Technology and pull-down head
  • Completely durable build with excellent materials and TouchClean technology

  • Water handle or lever is slightly unreliable and could turn off and on by mistake

Things That Make the Perfect Touchless Kitchen Faucets

If you want to pick the good touchless kitchen faucet, it is critical to know which one is it. Here, we go over a few features that will tell whether it’s worth it or not.


The finish will give you the color, style, and overall looks of the product you are going to buy. A touchless faucet, despite being a little more technological than standard options, needs to fit your kitchen style or you may eventually have a product that looks weird.

Another important part about finishes is that touchless faucets come with either a Spot-Resistant or with a standard or special finish.

Spot-Resistant finishes tend to prevent fingerprints or hand spots to mark or appear in the product. It is an excellent finish feature to look for, but typically very expensive.

Other unique or standard finishes may only offer the chance to stand out or look better without other advantages.

Sensor Type & Accuracy

There are two main types of sensors out there; completely touchless sensors, and little touch sensors. As you may know, a completely touchless faucet will not need any touch at all, but only the wave/presence of your hand or object.

Other sensors may only need a slight touch in any part of the faucet without having to touch the lever or knob.

It is important, however, for the sensor to be accurate & responsive. Old sensors, for example, tend to be not as good and eventually have a very unreliable movement detection system. Newest sensors will be much more accurate and responsive.

Electric Power

Here, you need to pick whether you want a product that turns on with batteries (most of them use from 3 to 6 AA batteries) or a product that works with AC power.

We recommend those that turn heavily on with AC power, as it will be more convenient with time and much more reliable as well.

Docking Method

While not all touchless faucets have pull-down heads, the majority do. This means you will also have to consider the docking method of the spray-head.

Some faucets use magnetic systems to lead the head automatically to the spout, while others are manual which means you’ll have to do it yourself.

Of course, we recommend magnetic docking systems, but manual ones can be easier to use & more flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions

While these faucets are amazing, there’s nothing worse than getting one and then being disappointed. To prevent this disappointment, here we have some common questions related to the use & advantages of these kitchen products.

Q: Is a touchless faucet children-friendly?

Q: Well, they’re not really a bad option if you have children, but it is essential to know that while children like to play with things a lot, these faucets are not toys.

So, if you have small children, it’s better to keep them away from these faucets. Otherwise, look for a different model.

Q: What are touchless faucets better for?

A: These faucets work really well with people who prefer washing their dishes, pots, and utensils manually.

Thanks to their touchless feature, people with dirty or occupied hands won’t have to touch any handle to turn it ON. And with the pull-down feature most of these faucets have, you get even better results.

Q: Are touchless faucets pricier than other models?

A: Yes. This happens because they use a unique technology that prevents users from using their hands. And there’s no doubt, technologies cost money, specially extraordinarily complex ones like the touchless systems in these products.

But the price difference between touchless and standard faucets is not really that much and relies heavily on the brand & overall quality.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Most touchless faucets look, feel, and work similarly, yet not all are equally as good. For us, the Moen Brantford is undoubtedly the best option in this list.

With its spotless finish and amazing MotionSense technology, you will enjoy one of the most convenient yet resilient products out there. It will look exceptionally well in any kitchen and provide a top-notch experience in every way.


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