How to Fix a Leaky Kitchen Faucet

How to Fix a Leaky Kitchen Faucet


Faucets are one of the most commonly used kitchen tools. The matter you use your kitchen regularly or professionally, you have to make sure that your kitchen faucet is working just fine.

But things do not happen like we plan every time. And that works for kitchen faucets as well. Yeah, I am talking about the kitchen faucet leak which is very likely to happen in every kitchen.

To get over this problem, you can call up a plumber and solve it with the cost of a few hundred bucks. But if you are a do-it-yourself person, this is not the proper way for you.

In this article today, we have come up with a 15 step guide on how to fix a Leaky kitchen faucet by you. Take a couple of minutes and go through the steps we have mentioned below. Hopefully, you don’t have to end up with a few hundred bucks wasted after a plumber.

What are the possible reasons for a Leaky kitchen faucet?

Well if you talk about the reasons for a Leaky kitchen faucet that can be many. For now, we are just listing the basic reason which is most common in every home-

  1. The spout
    The most possible reason for a Leaky kitchen faucet is a Leaky spout. And the best part is, you can easily identify that.
  2. The base of the faucet
    The second likely reason for a Leaky faucet is the base of it. The place where faucet meets the sink is called the base.
  3. The  place under the sink
    Another important and potential source of a Leaky kitchen faucet is the place is the place beneath the sink. And this place is the hardest part to notice when you are looking for the source of the leak.

Step 1: Close the hot And cold shut off valve

To begin with, fixing a Leaky kitchen faucet, you need to shut off the water flow first. In some kitchens, there are single line water flows where some else have dual line water flows.

Either way, you need to switch off the shut-off valves first. Usually, they are located beneath the water sink.

Step 2:  collect the Drop parts

You need to have a rag right now collect all the dropped parts right from the area where the shut-off valves are located.

Step 3:  Pry the small index cover

Another side of the kitchen perfect there is an Index cover which you need to take off.  This will reveal the hex head screw.  We need to work with the screw at the next step.

Step 4: Loosen up the hex head screw

At this point, you need a hex key wrench to loosen up the hex screw. Eventually, it will be loose enough that you can take off the faucet handle just with your hands.

Step 5:  Use a spanner

Take a spanner wrench which usually comes with the faucet itself. Using it, remove the top cap easily.

Step 6: Remove the stainless steel ball

In the faucet body, there is a stainless steel ball which you need to remove at this stage. With pulling it straight, it should be usually done.

 Step 7: Extract the rubber seats and spring

Inside the faucet, there is a set of rubber seats and spring. Take a pocket knife, and extract this couple of items. Keep that at a safe place.

Step 8:  Place A New Spring and Rubber set

Old Spring and rubber set it won’t be needed to work with the new repaired leak anymore. Take a new set of spring and Rubber set and place them on the faucet with the help of a pencil tip.

Step 9: Install the Steel ball

As you are done with placing the spring and Rubber set, it’s time to place the Stainless steel ball on its place again. Make sure that the alignment is just as before and the tab is inside the faucet body properly.

Step 10:  install the new rubber gasket

If you have installed the Steel ball properly, now it’s time to install a new rubber gasket and a cam cap. Once again, be certain about the alignment.

Step 11: Tighten the top cap

Remember that top cap we took out from its place quite a while back? Now it’s time to put it back or replace again. You need not a tool to do this step. All you have to do is hand tighten.

Step 12 opens the shut-off valves

At the top cap is right on its place, go to the shut-off valves now. Open them once again with any two that you might need.

Step 13: tighten the nut

Take a spanner wrench and start tightening the nuts to ensure the proper tension against the stainless steel balls. Hand-check the pressure manually.

Step 14:  reinstall the faucet handle

To reinstall the faucet handle, you need to tighten the hex-head groom with proper attention. Once you are done, press the index cover on top of the faucet handle.

Step 15:  use the alternative of stainless steel ball

It’s not all the time when a faucet comes with a stainless steel ball.  In case you don’t have one, you should be given with a ceramic cartridge faucet. To repair such kind of leaks, all you have to do it remove the handle, full out the ceramic cartridge, and replace it with a new cartridge.

After step 15, we should be done with the process of how to fix a Leaky kitchen faucet. If you still don’t have the problem solved, go with the steps we have mentioned above.

Bottom line

Thanks for being till the very end of this article. Hopefully, this 15 step guide would help you to figure out the source of the lake in your kitchen faucet, and to get over it. If you have still an issue with any of the steps, please let us know in the comment section. We ensure you to be right back to you.


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