How To Fix A Leaky Kitchen Faucet With Two Handles

How To Fix A Leaky Kitchen Faucet With Two Handles


 If you are a regular homemaker, a kitchen faucet may not be quite unfamiliar to you. In fact, you can’t imagine a modern kitchen without a full-functioning kitchen faucet. And over time, the style and structure of kitchen faucets had evolved a lot.

In 2019, kitchen faucets are likely to be of a number of types. In terms of water lines, there are two kinds of kitchen faucet- single handled, double handled. And both of them are equally popular.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the very common problems to handle faucets – the leaks. After months of regular use, both single handle, and double handle faucets are likely to create Leaks. And if you are not an expert plumber, you should have no idea on how to repair the leak.

Worry not, in this post today; we are going to give you a hands-on guide on how to fix a Leaky kitchen faucet for good.

Without wasting any more words, let’s get started.

First Things First: Locate The Leak

You need to find out the position and type of leak, before taking steps to fix that. As you have a dual handle faucet, the leak can be from either side. To check that out, turn off the shut-off valve of both cold and hot water one by one. If you turn off the cold shut off valve, and still the leak is on, that is easy to decide that the leak is from the hot shut off valve.  On the other hand, if the leak is not splitting water anymore after turning off the cold shut off valve, the lake is from the cold side.

Once you have found out the side of the leak, turn off both of the valves, and proceed to the next steps.

Note: Sometimes it can happen that both of the valves are stuck. In that case, you have to shut off the main waterline, and replace the hardware.

Steps to fix a Leaky kitchen faucet of double handle type

As you know faucets of double handle type, come with a number of variations. There are regular double handle faucets, ceramic disc faucet, compression, and reverse compression faucets, cartridge faucet and so more.

However, we are going to tell you the steps of each of them. Stay with us.

Dealing with leaks of a regular double handle faucet

Release the residual water from both of the faucet handles. Close the drain, and place a towel on the sink. The towel will protect the surface of the sink from grabbing any dropped parts.

Now, remove the aerator and check whether it has any leak or not. If you find any leak in the aerator, we have to disassemble the entire faucet parts.

Dealing with a ceramic disc faucet

In the case of ceramic disc faucets, there is a cylinder which has tiny discs on the bottom of it. And this is a cylinder that controls the water flow.

To open the ceramic disc faucet, you have to loosen up the screw and remove the handle. Afterward, we have to unscrew the retainer nut. There can be some mountains true that you need to take off.

Now place a new cylinder on the place of the old one and connect it back with the help of the nuts.

Keep the faucet knob as an on position, and turn off the water supply.

Dealing with the compression and reverse compression faucet

This is another type of perfect where you have to replace the washer and the gasket to identify any kind of leak. Also, the valve and the valve seat can be responsible for any leak.

Remove the handle of the knob by removing the temperature indicator cap. After unscrewing the screw, you should be able to do that easily.

Now loosen up the retaining screw, and take the valve stem out. On the stem, take off the screw, the O-ring, and the washer.

Now you have to add some grease to the stem and install a new O-ring in place of the old one. If you need you can also install a new washer. Once you are done replace the old screw.

Now take off the valve seat with the help of a hex wrench, and replace that with a new one.

Once you are done, replace your faucet, and put the on position back.

After completion of the entire process, turn off the waterline slowly and check whether the lake is repaired or not. Don’t put too much pressure initially, and let the grease be heard.

Bottom Line

So far, we have gone through three of the common types of double handle faucets and how to prepare for damaging leaks. So far, these should be enough to sort out the leaks for the double standard faucets.

In case you are completely new to such operations, it’s better to take advice from some expert and someone who had been done it for at least a few times. Otherwise, you can end up with wasting up the entire setup.

If you still have any more problems with any of the steps, please let us know in the comment section below. We will definitely get back to you with a particular solution.

Best of luck with the process.


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