How to Replace A Moen Kitchen Faucet

How to Replace A Moen Kitchen Faucet


Kitchen faucets had been quite a familiar kitchen tool. In 2019, you can Get 100s of models from dozens of brands. And MOEN had been one of the leading brands till date.

You might have installed another kitchen faucet from another brand in your kitchen, and now you want to replace that with MOEN kitchen faucet.  But as you are new to this, you still don’t know what the way is out.

Worry not my friend; we are here to help you out with exactly this.  This is an article where we will take you through a step-by-step guide and we will break it down about how to replace a Moen kitchen faucet.

We will explain everything starting from the tools you need and the steps through which you will go. At the end of the process, you should have a nicely set Moen kitchen faucet in your kitchen.

The basics about replacing with A Moen kitchen faucet

As you know this parent had been producing a number of series, which of the series is consisted of a few faucet models. And one of the most popular series is Harlon series.

For this post, we have taken Moen Harlon series faucets as an example. So this guy is going to be exactly on the faucets of that series.  By the way, installing other models faucets is almost similar to this series.  So you don’t have to worry that much if you’re on another model or another series from the same brand.

Talking about Harlon series faucets, this model includes a pre-attached flexible water supply lines. There is a compression fitting which is 3 by 8 inches in size. If you have a shut-off valve under the sink which is not of the exact size, he should get a compression adaptor to make a proper connection.

However, it’s time to proceed to the steps through which we are going to install Moen in the kitchen faucet.

Steps on how to replace a Moen kitchen faucet

This is the core section of this article, and here we will take you through the steps that are necessary to get over the whole process.  Before we start the steps, let’s have a look at the list of the items and tools you would need for the process-

  1. New Moen Harlon Single Handle Faucet
  2. Tongue and groove pairs.
  3. Basin Wrench.
  4. Plumber’s tape.
  5. ⅜ to ½ inches adapters.

Step 1: Disconnect the water supply of the previous faucet

Like every other facet replacement, you need to take down the start of water valves. If you have two handle faucets, you need to work with both hot water and cold water shut off valves. Usually, this was a located under the sink. All you have to do is turn them clockwise until they stop.

As you are done you need to disconnect the faucet’s flexible supply lines from the shut-off valves. You can use a couple of players for this process.

 Step 2:  Take off the old faucet

Now, loosen up of the nuts and bolts that are located under the sink. You will need a basin wrench at this point. In case you have a tight space under the sink, tools like a basin wrench would be the real savior.

In case you don’t have enough space to work with a basin wrench, you can help yourself with a tongue and groove plier.

In either way, you have to loosen the bolts up. Now unthread it all the way by hand, take the bolts out.

Once the bolts are out, old faucet should be easily taken off.

Step 3: Clean up the space

As you can see the place where the old faucet was attached, it’s pretty much dirty. Now you have to scrab or clean it up with a wet cloth. You can use a stain remover to remove the rust and stain from the metal sink. There are many cheap versions available in the market.

At the end of the step, you should not have any footprint of the old faucet or its placement.

Step 4:  Install the new Faucet Body

Take out the Deck gasket which is provided with the box of your new kitchen faucet. Fit the gasket perfectly on the supply line. Now, slide it up throughout the faucet body.

Once you feel the supply line through the sinkhole, the center of the faucet body should be over the hole.

Find a perfect fit or a perfect place where you want your new Faucet to be. as you are done with finding the perfect place, position the faucet on that, and go down to tighten up the screws has secure the position.

On an additional note, you can use a plastic spacer, if you need some adjustment while positioning.

Step 5: Secure the position of the faucet

With a new faucet model, you should have a rectangular support plate which you need to keep under the sink. You can use the installation kit that is provided with the box.

Step 6:  Install the faucet spray hose

This is the final step that has to go through. Find the spray hose from the box provided an attach it with the faucet buddy. Finally, position it where the spray hose is situated.

Summary line

Thanks for being with us till the very bottom of this article. Throughout the entire steps, we have tried to provide you with the simplest guide possible on how to replace a Moen kitchen faucet. Instead of calling up a plumber is spending a few hundred bucks, this does it yourself method always works fine.

Best of luck with your life as a homemaker.



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