KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet Review


Kohler is the brand who’d taken touchless kitchen faucet technology to a whole new level. But when it comes to the price point, many such models come to be out of low-budget range.

Keeping the fact in mind, we were in search of budget-friendly pick that checks all the boxes of quality and performance. And finally, we’ve got KOHLER K-72218-VS on the podium.

In today’s post, we’re with a mission to break down the features and consecutive benefits in bite-size chunks. Hopefully, at the end of the review, you’ll be able to make a strict and confident buying decision.

Product Overview

If convenience and technology had been given a combined named together, that would be called KOHLER K-72218-VS. As long as the overwhelming user’s reviews are concerned.

This touchless faucet is made of a touchless technology that can work on the movements of your hands. When you’re messed with dirty hand due to kitchen works, you don’t need to use them anymore to turn on or off the faucets. Kohler had such a simplified and convenient touchless technology embedded in it.

Now, many touchless kitchen faucets are there which take a lot of time (at least a few seconds) to respond. And responsiveness diminishes over time. But this model is proven to respond within 20. Such an impressive implement, right?

Let’s take a break from the functionalities and focus on how it’s designed-

First thing first, the design is pretty much sleek with the signature aesthetics of Kohler. The element used to make this faucet is a black bonnet, which is again, a significant uniqueness.

The design comes to a smooth finish and a subtle design. To make sure you know the time when the faucet is ready to go, there is a LED light near the base. Such an idea of providing alerts is quite impressive indeed.
the KOHLER K-72218-VS runs on AC power, and the power plug comes built in with the box. But in case the power is gone, shall it work perfectly? Well, we have good news here.

In case the power is lost for some time, you can still use this product on your kitchen. It’s made to be operated in a manual way as well. But other features like touchless control, temperature adjustment etc. won’t be available at that point.

To make sure that the faucet head is at its place, there is a magnetic docking feature. Instead of the spring feature, there are some additional benefits of a magnetic docking. They call this magnetic docking system as DockNetik technology.

Just by waving your hand, you can turn on or off the faucet. In case you need to change the temperature of the water, there is an adjustment in the handle. While you’re using the faucet, you can adjust the temperature with the handle.

The hose is a troublesome part of a kitchen faucet. If you’re also suffering from the hose of your current faucet, the KOHLER K-72218-VS  will bring fresh air for you.

The hose of this touchless faucet is made of braided nylon, which prevents any kind of kinks and tangles. To make sure that the hose fits right in, there are swiveling ball joints to make that sure.

We’ve picked up a model with vibrant stainless steel finish for discussing in this review. But in case you’re looking for the same features in the cover of a different finish, Kohler had come up with three more finishes to chose from.

lastly, we’re pleased how Kohler had managed to provide all these aesthetics and features within such a low price point. Hopefully, it will be your cup of tea as well.

Highlighted features

  • A magnetic docking system to house the faucet head rigidly with the body.
  • Responses in 20 milliseconds, just with the wave of your hands.
  • The spout extends up to six inches at the bottom side.
  • The temperature can be adjusted with hand-controlled push on the handle.
  • Dual function spray head for faster and more convenient cleaning.
  • Braided nylon made hose pipe for an elongated lifetime.
  • Swiveling ball joints to ensure a tight, secure and long-lasting fit.
  • Runs on AC power, no need of any batteries.
  • Works fine even there is no power intake. But with a shortened list of features.
  • The finish is made to prevent corrosion and build up of rust.
  • Valves are made strong, durable and made out of ceramic.
  • Super easy to clean and maintain, even when you have just a wet cloth.
  • For safety, automatic safeguard is provided.


  • Sleek and elegant design with three choices of finish style.
  • Perfectly bent faucet for uniform waterflow.
  • Takes a manila effort to take the spray head down.
  • lets you operate completely touchless.
  • More clean and hygienic for any kind of kitchen.
  • Initiative Response for the smooth assumption of your hand gestures.
  • Smart and strong docking system for the spray head.
  • Pretty much budget-friendly in price.
  • A number of choices to pick up from.


  • Doesn’t come with a dual flow sensor.


Question: Can mineral buildup take place insider the faucet?

Answer: Well, not actually, as long as you use a master clean spray face.

Question: How fast can this touchless faucet response?

Answer: it can respond as fast as within 20 milliseconds. And for the utter surprise, the response time doesn’t
decrease over time.

Question: What does the indicator(LED) show?

Answer: There is a LED indicator which shows up the moment when the faucet is able to operate.

Question: Can I run this faucet on DC power?

Answer: By default, the faucet comes with compatibility to AC power. When there is no power available, you can run it manually as well. But we don’t prefer connecting a DC power source to it.


So, that was the review of KOHLER K-72218-VS, guys. Hopefully, you’ve been acknowledged of what this faucet can do, and what not. If you’re not so much concerned about the power consumption of the faucet, you can definitely move forward for KOHLER K-72218-VS.


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