Moen Brantford One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Review

Moen Brantford Kitchen Faucet


When it comes to kitchen faucets, touchless ones are the new cool!

But when you’re up in the market to buy one, that’s where the real trouble begins.

Not to let you end up with a fancy model that won’t last, Moen had brought up the Moen 7185ESRS, and it’s been the talk of the town since the beginning.

Upon popular demand, we’ve decided to review this model in this post. If you’ve kept this model in your buying shortlist, you can hone up your decision by the end of this post-

Moen 7185ESRS Brantford with MotionSense One-Handle High-Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Product Overview

Comparing to many other touchless kitchen faucets in the market, we’ve seen quite some significance of Moen 7185ESRS. It has got a motion sensor, where you will have it turned on and off based on the movements of your hands.

Based on the movements of your hands, the flow speed also adjusts itself. With the hands-free console, working with kitchen faucet is taken to the next level. Thanks to Moen, the manufacturer.

While using a kitchen faucet, you may not want the faucet head to be fixed on one position. Pull down faucets are invented and introduced for this very reason. But the problem with most pull-down faucet is, the retraction is quite unlikely to be smooth.

With Moen 7185ESRS, the case is completely different. The self-retractor is pretty much smooth in action. And more promisingly, this smoothness doesn’t fade away with time. We’ve not seen such excellence in many of the similar models in the market.

That was about the functionalities. Let’s talk about the design now-

Brantford comes in a traditional style with an awesome finish. To be particular, the finish is of spot-resistive stainless steel, and that’s what we expect from Moen.

After even regular splashes of water and dust, it will hardly create any spot on the body. Even it will be protective against the fingerprint spots as well, which is pretty unique for a kitchen faucet.

To enhance the curvature of the model, the spout had been kept bend at a perfect angle. No matter you have a tiny space on the sink, or a spacious one, this will fit right in. Also, such bending gives the waterflow a smooth layover.

Another significant part of Moen 7185ESRS’s features is its power to boost technology. Through this, you will get 50 percent of more water spray power. That would definitely give you a hand while it comes to control the spread of germs and messes onto your kitchen.

The model that we’ve picked up, for now, contains 2 sensors in it. If you are in a little low in budget, you can go for the 1 sensor version. It works in the same way, but only one single sensor instead of two.

Also, there are other two color choices for you- the chrome finished one and the oil rubbed bronze one. Based on the color preference, you can choose one of these three.

To install this product, you have to go through a whole lot of hardship than other conventional touchless faucets. There is a Quick Connect installation system from Moen, which will assist you throughout the way.

Apart from the Quick Connect installation, there is another Duralock installation system from the brand. It allows the water lines to be securely connected with just a split of seconds. As a result, your waterline will hardly leak, no matter how frequently you use it.

After you’re done with the connection, the next question popping up in your mind is- what is the water usage?

Well, the water unsafe is 1.5gpm. It means it will use 5.7 liters of water every minute. So, we can call it a bit expensive in terms of water usage. But as it’s able to control the waterflow, you still can keep it under consideration.

Highlighted features

  • Silver-colored stainless steel finish.
  • Power boost technology for fast and powerful waterflow.
  • Motion sensor enabled that works based on hand movements.
  • Duralock quick connects system for quick installation.
  • 15.50 inches of spout height, convenient for any kind of kitchen space.
  • Smooth and efficient restriction system of the pull-down.
  • Both one sensor and two sensor versions are available.
  • You can choose from three different colors and finish.


  • Provides 50% stronger waterflow.
  • Turns on and off basin on hand gestures.
  • Automatically controls the waterflow strength.
  • Smooth and noiseless restriction.
  • Fits in both one hole and three hole systems.
  • Protective against rust, spots, and stain.
  • Easy to install for even a beginner.
  • Comes with a number of choices to chose from.


  • Water usage is a little higher than expected.
  • A high price point than similar models from other brands.



Question: Are the three versions equally efficient?

Answer: three of the models are the same in terms of dimensions and functionalities. And the quality of the finish is the same as well. All that matters is the kitchen interior style of yours.

Question: Can I fit this Moen 7185ESRS Brantford within my 3-hole kitchen sink?

Answer: Yeah, of course. It’s compatible with both one hole and three holes designed kitchens.

Question: How long it will take to be installed? I am not that much experience.

Answer: There is a quick installation guide provided with the faucet itself. If you fooll0ow the instructions perfectly, it won’t take much time to be set.

Question: How much water it may bring on in every use?

Answer: It’s completely depended on your preference. Through an automatic system, you can turn on, turn off and control the waterflow. But, it can use 5.7L of water in every minute, and that’s the maximum capacity.


Well, we’re at the dead end of the article regarding Moen 7185ESRS Brantford One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet. Hopefully, you’ve liked the mixed features of this model. And if the price is not a problem for you, you definitely choose this model over many other touchless faucets in the market.



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