How to Choose A Kitchen Faucet?

How to Choose A Kitchen Faucet


No homemaker can imagine even a single day without water in the kitchen. And the kit that does the important job of supplying water to you is the kitchen faucet.

Now, when you’re up in the market to buy a new faucet for your kitchen, it’s a really hard task to get along. Because there are hundreds of models from dozens of brands. And choosing the best kitchen faucet from the pile is a hard nut to crack.

Take a few minutes and go through the complete kitchen faucet buying guide that we’ve prepared to help you in this regard. Let’s start-

Types of Kitchen Faucet- Deck Mount of Wall Mount?

In the discussion of which kitchen faucet you should buy, we should discuss the types of kitchen faucet first.

There are two types of kitchen faucet available in the market- the deck mount faucet and the wall mount faucet. We will explain both of them.

Deck mount faucets are those, which are supposed to be attached from the countertop or the sink. In case of deck mount faucets, it’s important to know how many holes are there in your sink.

Because one-piece faucet that has built-in hand and spout needs only one hole in the sink for the handle and another for the sprayer. On the other hand, traditional faucets where you’ll get both cold and hot water flow, require three holes for the taps, and one more hole for the sprayer.

Wall mount faucets are of less complicated and can be installed right on the wall. They are quite space saving and compact in size as well.

The Material Quality

Of course, you don’t want to have your kitchen faucet dead and malfunctioning right after a few months of use. So, choose the best quality faucet in terms of materialistic quality.

There are many metals that are used to manufacture faucet. But what you should go for is one from Brass. After the basic buildup is done, the brass is taken through finishing works.

On the core metal, there can be coat and finish of silver, gold-plates, powder coated enamels etc.

There are a few parts that will come with each good quality faucet. And usually, these parts are made of casted molds or machine-stamped structure.

On an important note: Make sure the material that a kitchen faucet is made of, doesn’t contain more than 8% lead in the metal alloy used to build its body.

The Handle Style

Next, to the type of faucet, we have the handle style of the faucets to discuss. No matter it’s the comfort in use, or the outlook, the handle is definitely an important buying factor.

First of all, there are single-handed faucets are these are most common to use. As you can control the faucet’s water-flow and work with other people love it a lot.

Two-handled faucets are more often used in the bathroom. Sometimes in kitchens as well. There are two valves where one is with the hot water tube, and another is with the cold water tube. As per your essence, you can mix hot and cold water together.

Installation and Operation

Just like any other home improvement tool, kitchen faucets are products that need precise installation. And the amount of efforts that it’s going to take is definitely a buying factor.

Like we said before, faucets can be installed either at the wall or on the sink or countertop. The first type is called wall-mount faucets, and the second one is called the deck mount type faucet.

Apart from the place of housing the faucet, there are four different mechanisms in a kitchen faucet. They are- ceramic disc mechanism, ball valve mechanism, compression valve mechanism, and the cartridge.

While buying your own faucet, make sure these mechanisms are made of good quality materials. Although these won’t directly impact on your day to day use. But if these mechanisms are poor, you may need to spend hundreds of bucks over again to repair them.

The Price-quality Ratio

Now, this is the point where we all think twice before making the decision. You’re right; we’re talking about the price.

In the case of kitchen faucets, price ranges from $50-$60 to even more than $1000. This price doesn’t necessarily increase along with the quality. Sometimes a good finish or little stylish decoration can be the price puller.

Also, features like how many handles are there in the faucet, can it bring on a mix of hot and cold water or the normal water only- can determine the price of kitchen faucets.

No matter whichever faucet you choose, make sure to stick to good quality material, finishing, and accessories.

Other Buying Factors to Consider

Apart from the aforementioned buying factors, there is some more tiny but important factor to consider. Any of these facts may bring on tolls of repair costs if not taken care of early.

Here is a quick list-

  • The Valve
    If your faucet can provide both cold and hot water through it, there should be a valve inside that helps to create a mix of water. If the valve is good in quality, the temperature shouldn’t change abruptly as you switch between hot and cold water.
  • Temperature Limit Feature
    Now, this is a feature that you can’t find in any ordinary faucet. This comes only with some expensive models, and if you’re a lucky owner of one of this then this point is for you.To avoid accidental issues, such limiting feature is important. In some models, this feature is also known as scale guards.
  • Water-efficiency
    Of course, you don’t want your kitchen faucet to be a reason for exceeding water or electricity bill, right? So, make sure that your faucet doesn’t expense too much water.For ideal cases, the water usage should be limited into 2.5 gallons per minute. Any exception of this limit can be considered as either too high or too low than the household standard of usage.

Bottom Line

Finally, be 100% certain about what exactly you will be receiving from your kitchen faucet before investing your money after it. Good luck with that!


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