What Size Hole for Kitchen Faucet

What size hole for kitchen faucet


Faucets are one of the most regularly used kitchen tools in every home. But when you are installing a faucet in your kitchen for the first time, you may be getting confused about the size of the hole.

As the number and size of the hole are the key factors to decide whether you want to install a single hole faucet or a double hole faucet. And most of the time, homeowners don’t know about this.

However, we have decided to put an end to your struggle and give you a complete guide on what size hole for kitchen faucet you need.  Take your few minutes and go through the whole article where we are explaining every detail you need to know.

Without wasting any further time, let’s get started

The basic types of kitchen faucet holes

As you know there are two kinds of faucet holes that you can install in your kitchen. The first one is single handle faucet holes, which was invented back in 1940.

Eventually, there came double handled faucets, and some of the users started to move forward for this. Although, double handled faucets are also popularly used In bathroom and showers as well.

 What is the standard sink faucet holes?

We have just talked about two types of faucet holes – the single-handed one and the double hundred one. And each of these faucets has two variations in the size of their holes.

  1. Widespread Holes
    In the first type of kitchen faucet holes, the dimension of these holes is more than 4 inches. And that’s also the reason why we call them widespread holes.
  2. Centre  set holes
    The second type of kitchen faucet holes is also called sentence set holes. In terms of the dimension, they are only 4 inches apart. You may have seen them drilled into the sink deck.

However, there was the basic discussion about widespread and centre set faucets. We are going to talk about them in detail in the following sections below-

Widespread faucets

This kind of faucet holes is usually equipped with 2-handled faucets. On the top of your sink, this can be anywhere between 8 inches to 16 inches. At this dimension is also the reason why we call them widespread faucets.

In addition, you can also house and present them in the same individually. Because there is no particular baseplate to connect them. With this feature, you will get more freedom to install it in many ways. You can cut them manually in any place you want to.

Center Set Faucets

As we have already told, Centre set faucets are spaced at a distance of 4 inches from the center. In 2019,  this is supposed to be the standard measurement as long as modern kitchen design is concerned.

In comparison with the widespread faucets, these kinds of faucets are easier to install. If you have a pre-cut sinkhole, the installation comes to be even easier.

Faucets that have a base plate are the best fit to install on such kind of holes.

Other sizes and consideration

The hole sizes that we have talked about, are just the standard ones. Apart from standard sizes, there are a few more variations as well. And these are called the mini-widespread faucets.

Semi-widespread faucets are not as spread as the wide ones, and not as narrow as the center set ones. And this kind of holes is usually used to place a single handle faucet on a sink with three or two holes.

Semi widespread faucet holes are usually 1.25 inches to 1.5 inches in size. However, we would advise you to pre-match your parts with the size of faucet holes that you have on your sink.

The basic guide on dealing with the size of your kitchen faucet holes

As you know, your kitchen faucet is required to be combined with a number of holes onto the countertop or sink. This ensures a perfect water connection as well as the full usage of the kitchen faucet.

In case of most of the kitchen, the standard size of the hole should be 1 and ⅜ inches wide. On top of that, there are kitchen faucets which require holes with a size of 1 and ½ inches.

If we talk about the tap holes, they are spaced about 4 inches on center. In case of widespread tap holes, this dimension can be 6 to 8 inches and it varies from brands to brands.

Our last Advice

So far we have talked about the most convenient types of kitchen sizes and what size hole for kitchen faucet should you chose. But if you are completely new to this, you should rather talk to a professional plumber before making the final decision. Because if you make a wrong choice once, this might cost you a few hundred dollars wasted. Nobody wants that, right?

Good luck with your job.



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